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Impromptu Pilgrimage from Porto to Santiago


New Member
Ok...So I find myself with the opportunity to have this summer off! I have a friend in Noia and was thinking of visiting her since I would be able to visit for at least several weeks. I started reading about the pilgrimage to Santiago and am thinking that since I have the time that it would be a fantastic opportunity. I am from a town in Mexico & just happens that the Patron Saint of the town is St. this makes it more meaningful to me!

My question is that I have a 12 year old son that I would love to take with this route difficult for kids? He is not active (actually not fit at all). I would love for him to experience this adventure but am concerned he might not be able to walk 20-30km per day. Since we are not tight for time...are there places to stop for the night if we decide to walk shorter distances?

This would be our first experience on a pilgrimage! I've enjoyed reading about everyone's experiences on this forum and appreciate any advice!
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Nunca se camina solo

Have a look at this on line guide to this route:

You will see the stretches between accommodations. One or two are significant and the others are around 20kms. But that is on the route. There is much more accommodation along main roads which are never all that far away. You could get a map of the area around the route to see what I mean. If you are confident about going into a bar and asking them to call you a taxi to take you to a roadside hostal and back again the next morning then that would work very well.

The only option if you want to find accommodation at closer intervals is the Camino Frances. Have a look here so see the stages possible of that route:

Good luck



New Member
Hi John - Thanks for the quick reply!! I will take a look at both of the sites you mention.

If I decide to make this trip, we would probably go towards the end of June beginning of July. Is it crazy to think that I can plan & prepare for this in such a short time!


Nunca se camina solo
Some people pack a rucksack and go, but generally speaking and especially with your son going along I'd strongly advise against that. I'd get the gear, get both sets of feet used to walking in walking shoes as soon as possible and do as many full day walks as you can in the time carrying your rucksacks. As ever carrying as little as possible is the key to avoiding problems.

Let us know how you are doing if you decide to go for it!



New Member
Thanks John!

I will most likely have dozens of additional is the next one:

Is it difficult to find a place to spend the night without reservations or are reservations recommended (although since it's a 'Holy' year, I'm sure getting any reservations this late in the game would be scarce!).

I will keep you posted on my decision!! Thanks for your advice!
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Nunca se camina solo
Normally getting reservations on this route is straightforward - just call one or two days ahead. But it will be much busier this year. You could start calling now or a few weeks nearer the time. Or use a service like the Camino Travel Centre. I used them to book everything for me for a winter pilgrimage and it worked perfectly.


New Member

Thanks!! This is a great site with lots of good information!

I have lots of reading to do & many decisions to make. If this journey is meant to be, I pray I make the right decisions for my family. (I usually work fulltime & do not have the time needed to do something like this.)

I know it is a once in a lifetime experience! Thanks again for the good info!


i just came back from Santiago, walking from Porto (7may- 18may)
it was not crowded. yet :) the albergues, were astonishing, old stone houses, with some modern touch such as libraries, or kitchens, or bathrooms... i had to stop only one day after 10 km-s, because the next city which had a pilgrim albergue was 30 km away. so no problem on the route.
i you are a sea -fan i would advise to take the ocean route: i did not even know about it,a cab driver told me. it was beautiful. you walk in the forests, on hills, along the ocean, some parts of the nature seem untouched along the way.., it is a magic experience!!!!

if you have any further questions you can reach me at
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