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In Spain, is there a special Pilgrim's rate at the post office?


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The question was:

It is my understanding that any post office in Spain (easier to ship when in Spain) will send luggage to you. Is there also a special Pilgrim's rate? I read it someplace, but not sure.

We will be sending a suitcase in Sept to you, from Barcelona.

The spanish post office works great and if in spain, that is what I would recommend since they also have boxes where you can put your stuff in (if needed).

Regarding the special pilgrims rate. There is, but if you send things to me, please do not send it to me using this rate (if you can). This rate is a bit cheaper (but not by much) since it does not include:
  • Delivery to any address. They only deliver to a post office.
  • I do not get a notification (this is not included) that there is a parcel waiting for me at the post office.
...usually what happens when pilgrims send me things using this rate is that the pilgrims emails asking if I have received their parcel (or shows up at my office in Santiago), and I have no record of the shipment.... I would then need to walk down to the post office and see if there is something for me there. Since it was sent to me, only I can pick it up from the post office... and if they have stored it for more than 14 days, they may charge me for the storage.

So, it would be easier for me if you do not use this rate if you ship to me... since then your parcel will be delivered to my office and there is no need to run down to the post office.

Hope this helps!
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Hi, I will be walking from Merida to Santiago. And I would like to ship my suitcase from Merida to you. It is not heavy, but it is a suitcase. I will arrive Merida on April 29 and plan to arrive Santiago on June 3.

Please let me know if I can send my suitcase via Postal service ?
How much will it cost me for you to store it for that period of time ?
Thank you very much.


I believe in miracles <3 <3
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Another question - Which shipping companies do you recommend me use ? I can either ship from Merida or Salamanca. Thank you.
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Bring the website info…lots of workers seem unaware f the discount.


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In Spain, the post office works great..
We sent a bike from Santiago to Paris via the Post office in Santiago.
They were very helpful, even though our Spanish wasn't up to it. The guy at the counter rang someone who translated for us, and it went off in a giant box (that we had to carry through Santiago to the Post Office).
Then we went on to Finisterre. By the time we were back in NZ it was already in Paris!!

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