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Live - Camino Portugues Indo eu, indo eu...


Walking to Christ, with Christ, through Christ.
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First Caminho this summer! (July 2020)
So, after a long time of wanting to do the Camino, and after what seems like a divine urge, I have set off on my first camino!
Being a Portuguese resident it was rather easy getting to Porto without the hassle of Covid at the airport...
I started in Porto and went along the Coast to Vila do Conde, and just turned inward to Rates to follow the Central Way!

Having a cozy hammock time before departing once again step by step!

The locals are glad to see pelegrinos on the road again and have helped greatly along the way so far... it is my first camino, so I don’t have a past reference, but I want to share with you that the spirit is still very alive and we are welcomed here, albeit not without proper caution!
I have even met a few pilgrims on the Coastal Way and befriended a lovely group of young ladies from Spain, Italy and Brasil.

It is a true blessing to finally be doing this and I share this in hopes that some of the Camino spirit will reach you wherever you are!

Blessings in Christ


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VF many times. Monaco-Lindau '15. Assisi-Pietralcina '17. CF '18. VF small part 09/20 next
It is a real pleasure to read your report and travel impressions! It is also nice to read that the locals do not mind seeing, greeting the pilgrims who have returned on the way. In fact, that's what comes to me from other sources. Certainly with the right precautions and sanitary rules. I wish you a good continuation ...buen camino 🙏🎒

Canada Wanders

Lost, but making great time...
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Nice to hear people are on the move again.
Loved the Camino start in Porto, and had to go back to explore Porto after we got to Santiago.
Enjoy your journey!

David Tallan

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Frances (1989 and 2016), Portugues - from Porto (2018)
Bom caminho! That's the same route I followed a couple of years ago. I am glad to hear it is going well.


Walking to Christ, with Christ, through Christ.
Camino(s) past & future
First Caminho this summer! (July 2020)
Thank you very much for the kind words of encouragement.

Just arrived home after 24 days of Camino life.. went all the way to Muxia.

What a blessing. The first camino but certainly not the last.
The happy melancholy I felt leaving Santiago was heart-touching.. a profound feeling of belonging, yet longing, but also motivation to come back soon.
(Brought back some Pimientos de Padron to make at home to ease the melancholy and nostalgia heheh :) )

Will leave some more pictures

God bless and bon camino to all! <3



Camino = Gratitude + Compassion.
Camino(s) past & future
some and then more. see my signature.
Such a wonderful post @JoaoA !
You express it beautifully : " a profound feeling of belonging ". :)
Enjoy the Pimientos.

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