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hello. I intend to start my camino next week from o' cebreiro. I will take a bus from madrid to piedrafita do cebreiro. Does anyone knows how far is from piedrafita to cebreiro itself and what is the altitude difference between piedrafita and cebreiro. Will it be easy to get my "credencial" for the stamps from cebreiro and where exactly should i go to ask for it? Sorry for all these questions but i am feeling a little insecure ( pre-camino insecurity!!!)
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thank you for the information. Could you, also tell me if it is possible to get a credencial from cebreiro? maybe in the albergue or in a bar? or it is necessary for me to get one from madrid. And if so, where should i go in madrid to get one?
How to Successfully Prepare for Your Camino
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
Don't worry about your credencial - the albergue or the church or even the little shop attached to the hotel will have one for you. You can have it stamped at most places - albergues, churches, cafe-bars, tourism offices. You'll be fine! You'll be amazed at how everything just clicks into place once you get going and you'll wonder why you worried so much about the small things!
Have a wonderful walk,
Buen camino,
Pedrafita is 4,5 km far from Cebreiro.

And you can tke your credential in Santa Maria la Real, on the church. I've taken it there a couple of times.

Buen Camino in Galicia.

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
If you want to obtain your credential in Madrid to be sure about you will hsave no problems, yo have to go to:

C/ Carretas 14, 7, B-1 (Metro Sol) 28012 Madrid
Tel. 91 5232211

On Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19:00 to 21:00 (during all year)
Wednesdays from 11:00 to 12:30 (closed on July and August)

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
Just a note about accommodation in O'Cebreiro. The day I arrived there the albergue ended up being full. Two groups with young people arrived late in the day. One of these groups arrived by taxi to start their walk to Santiago. They were lowest in the priority queue as they had not walked... and they ended up sleeping outside, despite the fact they had young people in their group, and that their clothing and bedding was inadequate for a night outside on a mountaintop. There are other options for accommodation in O'Cebreiro, but they are at the more expensive end of the scale. So you might need to make sure you do actually walk that four km so you can say you walked!!
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Hola Eva,
It is a wonderful blog - and so useful for people who are starting at O Cebreiro. Thanks for creating it!
Hello, yes I agree with the comments of folks above: in August 2006 we walked up the road from the bus stop at Piedrafita but were caught out at the municipal albergue when we arrived in O Cebreiro after 4pm - it was absolutely full and so we ended up sleeping on our roll mats on the dining room floor, but only after we had pleaded with the warden.
It could be worth you trying to pre-book some accommodation in advance for that night. We didn't have that problem at any of the other stops because were were into the daily 'rhythm' by then,and arrived by 1pm at all the other albergues and joined the queue! And we didn't use our roll mats for sleeping on again for the next week.
You can get your credencial at the church, no problem. But then you need to produce it, with a starting sello, to be admitted to the municipal albergue! Don't worry. All will be well, I'm sure. It was for us!
Buen Camino! Simon
I had the misfortune to stay in O Cebreiro in June 2007, when the facility was undergoing renovations and temporary trailers provided bunks and restrooms. I will spare you the horror of cold water showers and facilities used by every pilgrim and tourist in town. Pilgrims with any energy kept walking. I was out of steam and stopped at about 1 p.m. Nearly every bunk was already taken by new pilgrims starting at O Cebreiro. The renovation of the permanent facility is complete, I noted this spring, but the problem of beds being used by pilgrims that start by sleeping is a continuing problem. Stay in La Faba, and skip O Cebreiro, if you can, or start at O Cebreiro, but walk a couple of hours to any of the next nearby stops. They have just the normal crowding.
Last year I walked from Le Puy and remember climbing up to O'cebreiro. It was a weekend so there were lots of tourists,it was cold,crowded and shrouded in damp mist. I took one look at the overcrowded albergue (pilgrims had filled the clothes line with washing probably not realising that mist=water=washing wont dry)and decided to walk on to Hospital just off the mountain. The albergue had plenty of spots and I sat outside the bar-in the sun!-whilst O'cebreiro lanquished in the mist/fog and gloom.My point applies not only to O'cebreiro but any albergue-it's not necessary to follow the herd-part of the problem seems to be the slavish adhherence to Brierley's book and his stages. It is a good guide but treat it as a guide not obligatory!
There is a place between La Faba and Cebriero. It's a tiny little village/hamlet (I forget the name I'm afraid) right before you get to the Galicia sign. There is a place to stay there which as far as I'm aware isn't in many of the books. I spoke to a couple of people who stayed there (independently of each other) who said it was lovely, really quiet and they virtually had the place to themselves at a time when most were fighting for beds in every other village. I guess pretty much everyone just heads on up to the top or stops at La Faba.
Might be worth trying if you'd like a break from the crowds?
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"... There is a place between La Faba and Cebriero..." (Elzi)

Posibly you are talking about Laguna de Castilla, the last town before Galicia.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
Just to let you guys know the Albergue beside the chruch in La Faba is closed, yellow tape around it and everything. Someone told me it was abandoned. There is a Vegetarian Albergue that i believe was 7€, but it was umm......strange.
The guide books say that the albergue is only open from April/May to the last Sunday in October.

You can read more about this albergue on their website:

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