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Input on First Aid Kit (and some Spanish identifications)


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I posted this under Travelling Sonn's thread from a while back, but did not get any input. Thought I would start a new topic...

Here is my First Aid Kit (What to pack) for 2 people
by Rambler on Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:50 am

I wanted to get everyone's input on this and some help identifying everything in Spanish and the brands of items that may be available on the Camino.
This 1st aid kit will be shared by my daughter and me on our trip this June. I have tried to minimize the items to only those really needed. We can buy the others along the way. Not that my daughter is allergic to bee stings (thus the antihistamine and epi pen). Also neither of us have gotten any blister to date on our hikes or runs. My daughter has flat feet and removed her Super Feet insoles to go to the softer ones that originally came in her boots.
Two Person First Aid Kit
 8 Advil Anti Inflamatory/Pain Ibuprofen (600mg) Ibuprofena; Nurofen
 8 Immodium AD Anti-Diarrhea Loperamide HCl(2 mg)
 Cataflam or Solaraze Diclofenac gel/ointment Topical Anti Inflamatory Diclofenac; Voltaren
 Duct Tape (2”X 10” roll);
 2 sheets Compeed (Advanced Healing Blister) Compeed;
 2 Claritin- Redi-Tabs Antihistamine Loratadine (10 mg)
 1 Epi-Pen Epinephrine (0.3mg);
 10 Bandaids
 1 Nail-clippers
 Needle and thread

I am not sure to bring these to items or not. Also?
 3 Cipro Ciprofloxacin; (in case of severe stomach issues; I take to South America when I go there).
 1 Cortaid crème Hydrocortisone (1%) for a topical anti-inflamatory

Things I can buy on the way as needed:
 Antiseptic
 antibiotic ointment (Neosporin)
 Gauze bandages
 Ace bandage
 Cloth Tape 2”x10m
 Foot creme (Bag Balm)Unguento Tradicional
 Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
 Foot Powder (Gold Bond)
 Anti fungus (Lotrimin)

My questions are:
:?: Does this look good? Are there better items to take?
:?: Should I take the other two (Cipro and Cortaid)?
:?: Should I just buy the other items as needed?
:?: What are the correct Spanish terms for each of these? Are there certain brand names that I can ask for? (What do I ask for when I go into the farmacia?)

Thanks in advance for the input.
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I went with more ibuprofen, (no immodium), a topical ointment, some compeed, a few bandaids, needle and thread, an ace bandage, iodine, a little cortaid, Antiseptic wipes and some foot cream. I have a few more powerful pain relievers and some benadryl. I also take a small tube of oraljel for toothaches.

I load up on the ibuprofen.

Martini's can help late in the day if taken with a large dose of fun and laughter, but I get them in Spain.

I have no clue on the Spanish names but my translator works great.

In 2001 my feet were so bad that I went to the hospital. The doctor painted my feet with something red, (I assume iodine), and I rested one day. I assume the doctor told me not to walk for several days, but as my Spanish is nil and his English was also nil, I really could not tell you want he really advised. I loved the trip enough to be going back this week with my daughter.

life is good.


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The red stuff (orangy red really) was possibly mercurochrome. A pilgrim painted some on my foot when I was feeling a hot spot, although no blister had formed. Nothing happened to my foot after it was applied. Did it work? Guess it did.
But I was surprised when I saw it being applied for it was banned for sale in the USA due to its mercury content. I guess it is still available there. Dating myself. but I grew up with it in my medicine cabinet.


ahhh, mercurochrome. I remember that now. good thing I am not a fish or people might have to throw me back because of a high mercury content! The stuff worked for me whatever it was. I was able to walk after just one day rest. and I made the rest of the Camino to Santiago without a lot of extra caretaking of the foot.
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a friend of mine who is a great hiker also told me to have a crepe bandage handy in my pack - if you fall and sprain your ankle you can strap it and hobble to help.
Although readily available in Spain, when you need it most will be somewhere miles from a pharmacy. cheers Jane


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June 2008 Camino Frances with Daughter, 2014 Camino Frances with Son
I assume that an Ace bandage in the States is what you call a crepe bandage Down Under? It is a good point to determine what you need AND when you may need it.



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The growth in pilgrim numbers has contributed greatly to the local economies along the caminos resulting in there being more Farmacias than Bars! I'm sure all pharmacists have learned the camino sign language where peregrinos pull a face and point to the body part that needs treatment!
With antihistamines, just remember that you get day-time (don't make you sleepy) and night-time medications.
A magic mutti is the liquid form of alcohol romero. On the website it is described as follows:
The consumption of rosemary, in its various forms, is indicated in cases of nervous exhaustion, asthenia, convalecencias, digestive disorders (aerophagia and flatulence) and liver, rheumatism, headaches, etc.. In these cases can be taken rosemary infusion before or after meals.
Because of its antiseptic properties, we can implement a decoction of rosemary on sores and wounds, to be washed twice a day with this water, prepared again each time. Then, cover the wound with a sterile gauze, which is protected with a good cotton and Venda.

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