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is it safe?


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I was supposed to leave to Porto 6th of September with a girlfriend, but because of the problems with the bushfires we decided to postpone our camino.
But now I decided that I want to go after all, but my friend probably won't go. Is it safe to walk the camino portugese alone as a woman? I walked the camino frances alone last year and I felt safe all the time, because there were a lot of people, but the camino portugese is not so busy I understand.

Greetings Estrella
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Hi Estrella,

I don't think the fires has made it less safe, but maybe a few kilometers with "less pretty" nature.

Have a look in the Camino Portuguese section:
.. and browse to get an idea of safety. Maybe even get in touch with Athena that finished with her mom a few weeks ago. See her post here:

I have not heard anything negative about this pilgrimage, so I think you should be fine.

Buen camino,
Hi Ivar
Thanks! I've changed my plane to the 8th, so I will start to walk my camino the 9th. Am véry looking forward to it!
Is the camino portugese well indicated?
You're a great help and I think this forum is very informative!

Greetings Estrella
Is the camino Portuguese well indicated?
I think Athena would be the best person to ask, I think she finished just before the fires. So some markers that are on threes might be gone, I am not sure if this is a problem or not.

If you find out something more could you post it here? I think this would be useful information for anyone thinking of walking the camino Portuguese.

Un saludo,
Hi Estrella,

There are some isolated stretches with no one and nothing around you, but as long as you are ok with that, you should be fine doing it alone. I went at a "peak" time in order to get there in time for the feast day, but even then is was pretty "off season" might be even more so.

The path is well marked. The few times we strayed from the path happened because we weren't paying attention. But each time a helpful local quickly pointed us in the right direction. In addition to the scallop tiles, yellow arrows (not to be confused with the blue arrows to Fatima!)serve as markers and they are often times more difficult to spot.

I hope this information is useful!

Bom Caminho,
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Hi Athena!!

Thank you so much for the info. This is very helpful. I have decided to start saturday 8th and I have a returnticket the 23d so I have plenty of time to do the camino and visit my grandmother who lives near Santiago!
Ivar I will post my findings about the camino portugues here. I do have a website but it is in dutch. For the people reading dutch it is: this is about my camino frances and it has a link to my camino portugese

Buen camino to all!

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