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Up late last night, sleepless in Illinois, dithering around and ordering several more pairs of shoes, I came across this video. I am no physio, obviously, but I think that some of the most salient points about how running shoes turn the foot strike into a damaging heel-first-rigid-leg impact are probably not too relevant to walkers. One of the main points I took from this was that the most natural running gait has a much less jarring foot strike, with the ball of the foot striking ground first. But even when I walk barefoot, I still have a heel-first strike. I did take the “less cushioning and less structure is better” advice to heart, though.

Continuing on my quest, thanks for this informational piece. Wonder what our forum shoe experts think about this?


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As someone who went barefoot as a child from May 1st to the end of Sept. all week with the exception of Mass on Sunday I never knew there was such science involved. :D😊
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The "no shoes"advice might be great for a young person who is still in good shape, but what about us slightly older and worn out people, who have already damaged knees and spines and other bits and pieces (possibly from years of wearing these shoes).... it seems to me that the cushioning in the shoes that might have contributed to the damage, is something I'm now dependent on (and addicted too?) .... the pain I get when I wear thin soled dress shoes on even a moderate length walk is not great!

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