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Is there anything you took ...


Is there anything you took that you didn't need or wished you hadn't packed and ended up shipping it or throwing it or just plain cursing it's existance?
Hike 30 miles on California’s Santa Catalina Island as part of the Catalina Camino
From Le Puy I took a Thermarest mat-never used it and never taken it again
I ended up dumping my thermarest pad, every clothing item over 1 extra, and a book I had taken to read (maniacal laughter) :lol:

Other than that, I had packed REALLY light.

But I saw people dump all sorts of things along the way, from cookstoves to tents to dressy clothes and shoes to can openers to ... you name it.
Yes, I left a mat somewhere in France ... and an inflatable pillow ..... (and a large bag of pre-conceptions)
the best thing I´ve seen abandoned along the camino was last Spring, just outside San Nicolas del Real Camino: a pair of white patent-leather hi-heel gogo boots!

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Someone's extra set of boots just past Azofra. They were nearly new!


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Rebekah Scott said:
the best thing I´ve seen abandoned along the camino was last Spring, just outside San Nicolas del Real Camino: a pair of white patent-leather hi-heel gogo boots!


LOL :D I think I would have carried those all the way!
Along the way I jettisoned two pair of jeans, my tent, numerous books and my cooking gear. Being too cheap to simply abandon this stuff, I mailed it off to an address I had lived at the previous year in Madrid. But, when I finally made it back to Madrid before flying back to the States, I learned that my packages had not been delivered (the occupants were not home to receive them) and all my stuff went to the dead letter office in the bowels of the main Correos Building in Madrid. My journey through the Spanish postal beauracracy to retrieve my belonging was almost as difficult as the Camino itself- but I ultimately did get my stuff back, and I think my story of having been on the Camino impressed enough prideful Spanish postal workers to help me out.

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