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Is thermolite enough


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I thought with starting end of May and ending in July a Thermolite Reactor silk Liner was going to be plenty. It's thin like a normal silk liner but has some technology that is supposed to heat up more than a normal one. I have no experience in these liners so I don't know what to expect. I just know it's really small. I've been watching temperatures and they seem low not to mention the rain everyone is speaking of. Am I going to freeze at night? Shall I re-think this and go with a fleece liner. I went with a small pack so i'd prefer to avoid the whole sleeping bag thing.
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I have walked from the middle of May, have also started in the middle of June and both time used a silk liner.
As long as you have a light fleece jacket to wear if it gets really cold you will be fine. By the end of June and into July it will be too hot for either!
In my experience, I always had a use for my ultra lite sleeping bag. When it was not 2 cold at night for me (98% of the time: June-August, particularly in Galicia-CF and the CN), I'd sleep under it; when cold: inside, both times putting my valuables inside/bottom. For some reason I feel that it gives me an added sense of "security" sleeping inside of one, maybe bec of its "bulkiness," dunno. I also used it to avoid the not so pleasent smell I found in some albergues. Finally, using one marked more of a distance between the not always very higienic matresses and me. All about choices and what works for one. Best, xm 8)
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My silk liner is exactly like a sleeping bag but with no padding. It folds up into its own carry pouch about the size of a paperback novel. There is even a slip for the pillow and tt measures 210 x 85cm and weighs just 220g.
Well, my sleeping bag folds up into its own carry pouch about the size of a ring! (kidding of course :lol: ). Best, xm 8)
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I took just a silk liner in August two years ago. If I had it to do over again, I'd take a lightweight sleeping bag instead. Most of the time the liner was enough. But the few times it wasn't enough, I didn't get much sleep.

I guess it all depends on how sensitive you are to the cold.

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