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Ivar's Santiago Alberque


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I was wondering whether Ivar's plans for an alberque in Santiago had come any closer to fruition.
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:-( In the end this did not happen... you can read all about this here:

I am working on another idea for something that I think will be useful for pilgrims (it is not a hostel or lodging related). But this time, I will not announce anything until it is up and running :) ... if everything goes well, I hope to have this new idea up and running in January/February next year... :wink:


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Teaser indeed Mermaidlilli!-I'm betting on a cafe/restaurant thing. It could be called "Ivar hunger so Noraway here"


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Dear Ivar,
Whatever you decide upon it has to be a success because of all the effort, energy, and love you have put in so far. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that some things, no matter how right they might seem to us at the time, just won't work if we have to work too hard to "make" them right. Sometimes we realise that and walk into the perfect scenario which might have been there all along as a possibility but we were so focussed on trying to make"the other thing" come about that we didn´t notice.
I very much hope that is where you are at right now.
Best Wishes, and missing Galicia like crazy,
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