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Jeans on the camino

I don´t want to miss out on this lively discussion. Personally I wouldn´t wear jeans for a long walk because of the thick inside seams which chaff / rub after a while. My trekking trousers have smooth flat inside seams.
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How interesting. You ask that I review the meanings of fear and common sense, and then suggest you won't participate in any further discussion. I'm not sure what suggests to you that you are entitled to make such requests of forum members, but I thought it might be interesting.

Fear: an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger

Common Sense: "as Einstein has pointed out, common sense is actually nothing more than a deposit of prejudices laid down in the mind prior to the age of eighteen." Lincoln Barnett, in The Universe and Dr. Einstein.

I suggest my use of the word 'fear' is entirely appropriate.

Too often in this thread there have been dogmatic pronouncements about the danger of jeans, some with an attempt at explanation. But few appear to me to have grappled with the evidence that there have been experienced pilgrims who have successfully, and apparently safely, walked in jeans.
Our esteemed colleague @JabbaPapa helpfully posted his ‘kit list’ recently which might be useful reading for those (myself included) who are prone to obsession with shaving off grammes, seeking out ‘technical’ clothing and weighing everything.

Each to their own, though. It would be a boring world (and a much shorter thread) if we all thought the same.
Don’t think I saw anyone wear jeans on any of the Camino’s I’ve walked!
Am definitely in the lightweight zip off trousers camp! They tick every box, comfortable, quick drying, lightweight, plenty of useful pockets!
I would try places like “TK Maxx” which normally has an outdoor clothing section, they occasionally have cragghopper trousers/tops!

Decathlon in my opinion is better than Mountain warehouse, the clothing is better quality, although they never have great stock availability!

A few years back Levi’s launch a “Commute” Jeans range!
They were jeans designed to be worn while cycling, they were waterproof and were more comfortable to wear on the move!
Definitely test everything before you leave!
I read here ( ) that Christian Pinon walked 2500 kilometers from his home in Belgium to Santiago de Compostela in 97 days, barefoot.

I guess that those of us who like to wear shoes are "packing our fears".

Or perhaps that just because some people do something that doesn't necessarily make that a recommended thing for most other people.
Everyone is making such good points about why jeans are bad ... but I met a guy who started in Geneva. His walking gear was a pair of ripped jeans, sneakers, and a cotton t-shirt. And he was doing just fine.
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Please everyone keep to the topic. I wear jeans nearly every day except when I am walking - they rub in places I don’t like to rubbed.

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