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Jesuit novices on pilgrimage


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I came across this article today on the America magazine website. It is not about the Camino, but it is about 'pilgrimage'. It describes how a lot of Jesuit novices in the US spend a month on various forms of 'pilgrimage', given only a one way ticket and $35. http://www.americamagazine.org/content/article.cfm?article_id=10635
I found it quite fascinating to read of their varied experiences and what they took from them.
and being Jesuits for $35 they manage to travel round the world, set up a chaplaincy on Waikiki beach and discover an 8th wonder of the world? :) :)

I'm joking it is a fascinating article on the benefits of piglrimage. Thanks.

Thank you for sharing the website, it is very interesting and reminds me of Buddhism and Zen.

Monks have been traveling with a begging bowl for centuries in Asia and is a pretty common sight there. And accepted there. They will not go hungry. This practice can draw facetious remarks in the Western World. You may see the monks in Singapore on your way to the Camino in April. Spare a thought for them, one of them could well be the pilot taking you back to Palmy on your return from your Camino, not well known is that some of the monks you see have taken time out to be a monk and will return to their normal life after their "pilgrimage". Even the Royal family in Thailand have been monks.

Buen Camino and hope your ankles are better.



JohnnieWalker said:
and being Jesuits for $35 they manage to travel round the world
Reminds me of the days I spent in the Society of St Francis - Anglican Franciscans - before I became a Catholic. We always had to hitch-hike everywhere in habit, not simply because there weren't funds available to buy travel tickets, but it was a way of meeting people. Mission! I once set off from Liverpool with twenty pounds pocket money for a ten day annual break. I hitch-hiked all the way to Assisi, spent a few days there, then hitch-hiked all the way back to Liverpool. I gave the friary bursar my remaining money (as we werent allowed to hang onto it) and it amounted to thirty-five pounds, as several people had added to my pocket money during the trip, including some Mafia men, with a revolver in the glove compartment of their car, who stopped to give me a ride from Siena to Perugia and confess their sins!



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Gareth wrote:who stopped to give me a ride from Siena to Perugia and confess their sins!
Now I remember a number of parish Priests in the south of France whom, during the Middle Ages, got into trouble for "selling" indulgences. You weren't selling were you Gareth?

My question on the other hand is what did the bursar say when you returned more than you were originally given?

Buen Camino,


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