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July and August...and wool socks


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I have not walked the Camino in the heat of the summer. I have done it a couple of times in March, April and early May.
I just had a thought about wool socks in the heat as I have been walking quite a bit trying to stay in condition for a Le Puy to Santiago Camino next 1 April.
These SmartWool socks are hot in the summer.
What do you all do about that? Do you wear something else? I don't think I have ever heard anyone address this on the forum.
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I do not know what others do but I always wear smartwool socks when I hike. I will be interested in what others have to say.



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I have been training here in the central valley of california, sometimes walking in 95 degree plus heat. I use REI silk liners with my smart wool phd outdoor light mini's. My feet do get warm but not as much as when I use a heaver sock. The wicking ability of the silk liners are pretty amazing my feet are not as damp as the liner and the sock get. So far I'm happy with this arrangement but I'll let you know when I get more days out on the camino on August 20th.



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Bridgedale polyester liners work very well with their woolen Trekker socks as well. I think, in terms of strategy for heat, it's important to take active measures to keep feet dry: use foot powder, remove shoes and socks and air out your tootsies at every break, be scrupulous about washing and drying your socks every night, and if it's really hot consider ditching the Goretex versions.


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I believe the socks are as important as the shoe in preventing blisters, I walked from end of May to July and wore a pair of Bridgedale xhale speed diva (men's equivalent is speed demon) without any liners. They work out very well. I also brought a pair of Bridgedale xhale multisport socks with me but my feet got very warm in those and I wound up wearing the speed diva for the whole camino.... thank goodness they dry pretty quickly.
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when i walked the vdlp in late summer
i only wore 2 x synthetic liner sox
and i carried a spare set of 2 x
which i changed mid-day when i stripped off my trail shoes
not a single blister in 40 walking days
and relatively not hot


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I walked mid-April to the beginning of July, so was using socks 'for all seasons'. I used a light summer-weight woollen sock, with a liner to wick away the moisture, both Bridgedale. The combo seemed to be warm enough even when there was a bit of snow on the ground, and not too hot in the heat of summer. Tricky thing walking long distance in summer I guess is that you still need something to wick the moisture away from your feet,


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I would recommend the wool socks with a good liner. I don't think it makes much difference whether you are walking in the heat or in cold weather, a good quality wool sock ( Smartwool) with a liner, and a bit of vaseline applied to each foot before walking, works well for me. I did the camino SJPP to Finisterre in 2009 following the above and had no blisters.

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As we have said on other threads we use Corrymoor Mohair socks. These do not need daily washing,just airing overnight to ensure they are dry for next day. The mohair does not smell like wool does. We washed our very thin technical inner socks daily Rohan Ladies inner and Hot socks (Mens are same but larger sizes).

Our own personal choice for Corrymoor are the 'Sportsman' for a mid-layer with the 'Companion' or 'Woodlander' cushion sole type as the outer layer. They happily absorb any sweat, dry out overnight and are very comfortable to wear. If it was really hot then maye the technical inner and cushion outer would be enough. We like the 3 layer system as we have walked without any blisters!!!!!!

We both carried 2 pairs of Rohan liners and 1 pair of each of the Corrymoor to enable us to wash them, or in case we got wet. In July/August I might think about changing the full set half way through the day's walk and drying the morning set off on my pack. I suspect that damp socks help cause blisters.

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