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Just discovered Couch Surfers


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I just found this site called Couch Surfers where you can stay in people's homes. I fly out of Geneva and wanted to spend a few days there before I leave and found all these people listed who will let you stay with them for a couple of days. Maybe everyone else has heard of this but it is a new one on me. The people are verified and have feedback from other people who have stayed with them. I have already contacted a really nice woman and will contact her again closer to my time I will be in Geneva.
Some of the people show you around and tell you places to eat etc.

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I have seen that website about places to sleep at the airport! :D Not for me. But the couch surfer website sounds like the people offer you a place to stay in their homes and then take you around to show you their city. I think that would be a lot more enjoyable than just staying in an expensive hotel (Geneva is pretty expensive) and wandering around alone. The hosts don't charge anything but I would think it might be nice to take them out for dinner or bring some sort of gift.

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I first heard about couch surfing whilst on the camino. I met someone who used that service. The main thing I think needs to be remembered is to donate some money (to cover the cost of your food, use of electricity etc) to the host and help out with dishes etc whilst staying. I also spoke to someone who offers this service and she said the best guests were those who helped out and contributed in someway to the running of the house. Then everyone is happy. cheers, Jane
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Yes, I would think you would absolutely want to help out and either cook a nice meal or take them out to eat. Wouldn't want to be a burden but a pleasure.

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For facts and information:

They have a section on courtesy. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that fruit or flowers are always an appropriate social gift, but they escape mention on the webpage. A meal is mentioned.

There are quite a few listings for Santiago, though the prospective hosts seem a lot younger than the average pilgrim. It is an eclectic bunch that offers a couch.

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