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La Petite Auberge de Saint Sernin Toulouse/ St Christophe Lo

Hi Arles Pilgrims!

I will be flying into Toulouse, and would love to stay a night or two to see the sights. I booked with free cancellation at La Petite Auberge de Saint Sernin as it seemed liked a great location with a reasonable rate compared to very expensive hotel etc, I am on a budget! and I might as well jump into hostel life. BUT after I read all the reviews and decided to book I saw on trip advisor that someone reported bed bug infestation in June :shock: . How long does that take to clear up- and should it be a concern? :roll: Please advise. I must admit the thought does not sit well. But its the only hostel listing or place I could find that is reasonable.

Has anyone been to La Petite recently? Since it will be my first day in France I can not afford to get bedbugs right out of the gate! Is it worth it to stay in Toulouse and if so, any other suggestions of clean places to stay that are affordable and close to St Sernin Basilica?

After toulouse I will be going to Lourdes ( Hotel St Christophe) and there seems to be more reasonable options- If you have any experience or suggestion please share! The main thing is that I wanted to just spend 5 days before I head to St Jean to start Camino Frances to settle down, regroup, pray, see the sights and do some walks- all on a shoestring!

Toulouse? Lourdes? Any suggestions and/or what to make of bedbug report on trip advisor?
Thank you in advance for any wisdom!
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I am certain that today you are VERY excited as your departure time draws near!

Unfortunately, bed bugs can be a fact of traveling life especially in warm weather. They can appear even in the BEST accommodation. Use this Forum and search on the term bed bugs to read comments and advice on possible solutions by other pilgrims. Surely by the time that you arrive in Toulouse the Le Petite Auberge will have acted on their infestation.

On a happier note Toulouse is a wonderful city with much brick construction. Hence it appears to 'glow' rosy especially at dusk. You will love it. Near the famous basilica of Saint Sernin are many good small cafes serving delicious set meals at a reasonable price. I strongly recommend Le Cafe Saint Sernin at 2 Rue St Bernard where many art students lunch; its a happy spot.

Bon Voyage and Buen Camino!



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I have encountered more bed bugs in private accommodations than albergues or gites. One place with bed bugs was Leguevin outside Toulouse, and it had a permanent resident concierge who could be affected and had been working on eliminating them.

I have never been bitten, perhaps because I treat my sleep equipment and backpack with permethrin.
Hi Ladies,

Thank you both- it seems like you just have to keep you head, be smart and know how to spot em?!

I wish there were some sort of alert system :roll: Last night, while ordering my credential from American Pilgrims I found this- Dont know wether to laugh or cry?! Ultreya! 8)
Buen Camino,

Ode to a Bedbug on the Camino de Santiago
(with apologies to Robert Louis Stevenson)

Little bedbug, chinche too -
How I wish that I were you!
You have pilgrim blood for food
Variety for every mood
Delivered free to your front door,
You couldn’t really ask for more.
Spanish, German, French and Swiss,
What a recipe for bliss.
Irish, Australian and Dutch
Careful you don’t drink too much!
Belgian, Scandinavian
They try to hide from you in vain.
But English blood, you should beware
There may be have streaks of blue in there .
American is suspect too
Their fatty diet’s bad for you.
By day you hide in crevice deep,
A perfect place in which to sleep.
But when night falls and lights go out,
Out you come to wave your snout.
It’s time for you to make a start
Menú del noche or a la carte.
So choose your dish, no need for haste
To satisfy your latest taste.
I’m sure when you begin to suck
You cannot quite believe your luck.
And when red juice begins to flow,
I wonder, do you really know
What agonies of legs and feet
Have brought to you this splendid treat?
Then, if you tire of the décor
Just take a stroll across the floor.
Many a backpack there will do
To hitch a ride to pastures new.
Your ancestors were nourished, too
For centuries they learned to do
The things you specialize in well
From Roncesvalles to Compostelle.
Your place in history’s assured
As you feed on the pilgrim horde.
Little bedbug, chinche too,
How I wish that I were you!


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There is no reason to expect these products to work based on their ingredients:

Made from organic clove and peppermint oils
Rest Easy is not a pesticide or an insecticide
Bed Bugs No More
Swiss trade secret natural Geraniol
The chemical is derived from geraniums, but it is cyrsanthemum from which pyrethrin, an insecticide approved for plants, is derived. The Geraniol manufacturer has probably named the product to make it sound similar to something that might work.

Permethrin is a common synthetic chemical, widely used as an insecticide, acaricide, and insect repellent. It works!!

Snake oil remedies do not work; they don't even work on snakes...
Hi Falcon,

I have zero experience with bed bugs, permathrin or using herbal remedies with the critters :? .
I trust your experience and pilgrim wisdom..and guess I had high hopes :( for the herbal remedy as I am very asthmatic to most pesticides and get triggered by the chemicals. So much for the snake oil :oops:

Since the perma stuff is legit..Ill have to have my friend spray down the gear & just bring the herbal as it cant hurt..for back up reinforcer :idea:

Thank you for feedback..
Buen Camino!


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The herbal stuff smells good!

Liquid permethrin is not safe for humans, so avoid contact when spraying it. Once it has dried on your pack and sleeping bag, it is safe. Wash if you get some on your skin, and don't inhale the spray.

It is very toxic for fish and fairly toxic for household pets, particularly cats, so don't spray your fish tank, and keep the pets away until it dries.

DEET has been deemed safe for humans, and is an effective insect repellent for bed bugs. I don't like sleeping in it, though, so if I am staying in a suspicious place and decide to put on DEET, I wash in the morning. You only need to cover exposed skin, such as hands, head, and shoulders (and feet, if you will be sticking them out).

Buen camino.
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