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La Senda de Remona

Hi, Reb and anyone else who has walked this route,

I have been doing some reading on the stages, and just recently came across the following comments on the rutavadiniense website about the stage from Fuentede to Portilla de la Reina.

"It's a stretch with bad waymarking that creates a lot of doubts for pilgrims, especially on foggy days. Our signs, little wooden markers on a post, have disappeared, and it hasn't been easy for us to paint yellow arrows at the four most confusing points." And then they go on to describe the four most confusing points as:

1. Beginning of the circle of the PR-S-15 route
2. The path that goes to Valdeon from Valcabado
3. turnoff of the PR-S-15
4. Horcada de Valcabado

There is a lot more text describing those four points, but you get the idea.
Is this segment really that confusing? I am the champion at getting lost and I know this is kind of remote so I would appreciate any help you experts might be able to give me.
Thanks, Laurie


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peregrina2000 said:
Is this segment really that confusing? ...
Hi there, Laurie. In August, 2011 I followed the Ruta Vadiniense from Fuente De via Horcada de Valcavao to Pto de Pandetrave (11 kms, Piste) then directly on to Portilla de la Reina (10 kms road side walking & sheep runs), the route suggested in my SpanishGuia. There didn’t appear to be pilgrim accommodation available in Valdeon so I didn’t go there.

I had two moments of indecision: finding the first Ruta Vad sign (after the Telefonica station, 20 metres or more beyond the bend); and another1 ½ hours after Fuente De where the trail forked (here I kept left, see photo).

Along the way I noticed two, perhaps three signed trails to Valdeon:

1) 1 ½ hours after Fuente De: PR-PNPE 15 & 25, trail right (Ruta Vad. left, no indication)
2) at Horcada de Valcavao, a signed path (right) which I think goes over to Valdeon????, (Ruta Vad. left)
3) at Pto de Pandetrave (11 kms from Fuente De). A Map board and trail to Valdeon (cross the road), As one descends to Pandetrave Valdeon can be seen in the valley below.

Cheers, Lovingkindness


Loving kindness, you've returned! I know there are quite a few people on this forum who will be very happy to "see" you here again.

Thank you so much for your additional details. I had already been studying your pictures and notes, but this additional information is great. I will try to put it all together and will undoubtedly have more questions, if you don't mind.

Hope you are well, lk, abrazos, Laurie
Hi, lk,

Thanks so much for the two pictures, they help a lot. I will annotate Reb's notes accordingly.

Now that I've had a chance to look in detail at what you wrote, I'm wondering about the puerto de Pantrave. Is it confusing there, or are you mentioning it only because there's yet another trail to Valdeon? Where is Valdeon? I think I'm right when I conclude that Valdeon is NOT on the Vadiniense?

Muchas gracias from your directionally and cartographically challenged peregrina friend!


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peregrina2000 said:
... I'm wondering about the puerto de Pantrave. Is it confusing there, or are you mentioning it only because there's yet another trail to Valdeon? Where is Valdeon? I think I'm right when I conclude that Valdeon is NOT on the Vadiniense?
Hi there, Laurie. No, it it isn't confusing at Puerto de Pandetrave. After a lengthy descent from Horacada one arrives at a motorway junction with picnic area plus Map board. From Pandetrave the Ruta Vad. follows a signed road all the way to Portilla de la Reina (10 kms). No possibility of getting lost, just tarmac exhaustion. Valdeon is not on the Ruta Vad but is visible in the valley below as one descends to Pandetrave.

Cheers, Lovingkindness
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Many, various, and continuing.
I cannot view Lovingkindness´pics, but I think I know the place you refer to. And it isn´t confusing. There are plenty of indicators. Stay on the Jeep track all the way up to the pass (it is tempting to take the trails that go off the the right, but don´t!) and there are fingerposts up there to keep you keeping left and downward again. (a compass/map are handy up there for "making sure," but you know how I love my compass!)
Hi, Reb,
Thanks for posting -- you reminded me that I meant to post a follow-up. An extremely nice peregrino from Vigo on the Spanish forum posted a very detailed set of instructions -- map with the "four trouble spots" indicated; pictures of each of those four intersections; and instructions on what do do at each one. It was an amazingly nice gesture, I thought. This peregrino walked the Vadiniense "backwards" from Leon. He concurs in your glowing assessment.

http://fsvr1.ibdinternet.com/read.php?6 ... msg-324935

Lucky you, up on the Salvador with other intrepid peregrinos! The pictures on the Camino del Salvador's facebook page are just beautiful, I would love to be there.....

Buen camino, Laurie

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