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Can anyone make a little lecture - just some sentences how to make a reservation in French:) ?

Has anyone an experience...if those gite's are fully booked, could it be also possible to sleep on floor? Last year I had my mattress with me and I needed it quite few times.

And the third question - should I carry money in cash or is it possible to use credit cards?

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I met people in France who couldn't speak French, but they usually found others willing to help them make reservations. One woman from South Africa had her mobile phone and said she easily found other pilgrims who would use it for her to make onward reservations. Janet, from this forum, used to go into the Tourist Offices which are nearly always very helpful. And sometimes gite owners will help by ringing ahead. I could write down a few sentences in French, but you might find it hard to pronounce the words if you are not familiar with the language.

It isn't possible to sleep on the floor in France - once a gite is fill, it is full. However, there always seem to be people who will help in this situation in France. The tourist office would be a first place to ask, but also maybe the mayor's office.

You will need to carry cash: hardly any of the gites will take credit cards. There are many towns along the way with ATMs, though be sure to think ahead a few days if you are about to walk a more rural section of the trail.

All the best for your walk!
I wrote out some basic phrases on a small card that I could have the person read if they could not understand what I was trying to say.
Hi Mirlibak, Margaret has already said that I used the Tourist office extensively (and will do so again this year). Last time the only phrases that I could say in French were that I was an Australian and that I did not speak French - which only served to encourage people to speak even more rapidly in French! However, I found that in the tourist offices there was always someone who could speak English - provided I spoke clearly and slowly, and I found that they were very obliging with ringing ahead and making bookings for me. I was very appreciative of their assistance and made sure that I let them know that. I can't say I speak french any better now (despite having lessons for the last 2 years!) however, I am condfident that I will be more able to understand people if they talk to me in french (slowly). I am fortunate that I talk a lot with my hands and I found that that also helped with communication - and most of all a smile helped! Cheers, Janet

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