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Le Puy accessible and walkable earlier than Spanish routes?

Shston Girlfd

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Given the estimations that it may be summer 2021 before we American's can safely walk Camino again and that I am VERY concerned about not wanting to overwhelm the small hamlets. I was thinking about the viability of walking 12 days on the Le Puy instead of the Camino Frances. My readings and research of the Le Puy route give me the impression that is a more solitary experience (now an advantage). Just mulling this over in my mind for a Sept. 2021 trip. Thoughts?
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I think if I were planning a Sept 2021 trip to Europe from the US I would have a plan B. I get your thinking and if I were a betting person I would bet that the Le Puy is likely to be more walkable but there are so many ifs and buts and you have to get into Europe first. I hope with all my heart this is over in a year’s time but who knows.


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I agree with Helen 1 wholeheartedly. As we know "The best-laid plans of mice and men oft go awry". for sure it is way more solitary. If like me, you have no command of French beyond Bon Jour it is challenging. I walked the whole whole camino and I doubt if I met more than 4 or 5 people who spoke even rudimentary English. I can get by with Spanish pretty well but it came in handy only once or twice. Having said that I survived quite nicely. Met some wonderful pilgrims and gite owners. Ate food that would make 90% of the meals I had in Spanish restaurants (mind you I am a budget pilgrim) seem like dining at a fast food restaurant. The scenery is wonderful. Mostly retired French people walking in small groups, some Germans. I never met another American. I do not think there is any such thing as a camino family in France. You usually do not see the same people for more than a couple of days in a Gite. It is different for sure but wonderful. If you can do it you will love it.


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I, too, had a "plan" to hike about that distance of Le Puy next September or October. It's been downgraded to a dream. Let's hope and pray that things will be ever so much better in the world by then.


Still Learning
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I would highly recommend the LePuy route. I wouldn’t say it’s solitary, just peaceful. Le Cele variant is very quiet but only 3 days and worth it. The French were fantastic. 10 days may not be enough.
It would be a good idea to start practicing some French. There were always some people who spoke English but a little French is a good idea.

I did a tremendous amount of research. Let me know if you need any help.
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I have walked the Le Puy route in June 2018. It was actually quite busy with French walkers for the first portion as far as Figeac, when many of them ended, taking trains back home. The French often walked in groups of 4-6 friends and I experienced "bottlenecking" on the trail in the bginning.

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