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leaving in 24 hours


time is come for me to leave!
my plaine is at 6:45PM morow :shock:
i land in toulouse mercredi at 1145AM :shock:
from there ill get lost and hopefuly make it to stjpdp
the same day- week -month :shock:
then i dont know and will find out once there
i cant think of any of this cuz it will make me sicks :cry:
so iv got to take it cool !! if not ill start freaking out like last night
the truth hit me yesterday again just thibking of it :?
i hope my sleepin piles will work if not ill have jet-lag and dont want that :shock:

so ppl have fun and ill be back may 7-8 if did the may 10 iv not posted a msg here means 2 things:1-2 i didnt make it back and desided to stay 2-im dead :wink:

peace and dont forget keep our planet clean!
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Awww, you'll be fine - enjoy! Don't forget to switch the cat off and put the cooker out before you go .... Ultreiya!


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Hi Santos,

Have a great time Santos! You will do good, don't worry...

I have been reading your posts from the beginning and know that you are now well prepared, now you just need to enjoy and don't worry so much.... well, a little bit of worrying is good, but not too much... :)

Welcome to Santiago de Compostela,


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Time of past OR future Camino
2002 CF: 2004 from Paris: 2006 VF: 2007 CF: 2009 Aragones, Ingles, Finisterre: 2011 X 2 on CF: 2013 'Caracoles': 2014 CF and Ingles 'Caracoles":2015 Logrono-Burgos (Hospitalero San Anton): 2016 La Douay to Aosta/San Gimignano to Rome:
Buen Camino Santos

Buen Camino Santos.
You will be fine.
You will get to St Jean and find a nice warm albergue.
You will meet other nervous pilgrims and you will help each other.
When the locals say that it is safe to walk over to Roncesvalles you will start your "Groot Trek" (Great/large journey).
Go slowly the first few days. All the up and downs are like a roller-coaster until you get to Uterga. The roads are rocky, stoney, gravel pits and if it has been raining - lots of mud.
And remember:
“When you walk across the fields with your mind pure, then from all the stones and all growing things, and all animals, the sparks of their soul come out and cling to you and become a holy fire in you”.
(Ancient Hasidic Saying)
Big hug nervous, precious Gollum!

Lillian Rodriguez

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Buen Camino, Santos!

All your worries will start to dissipate once you begin your long anticipated and planned camino! You will be fine.

I'll follow you next month and I'm also getting nervous, but with anticipation!

Ultreia y suseia,
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... me again, I know you are worried about the weather... I just saw the weather report on TVE (National TV) and they could report of a bit of rain the next few days in north east Spain. Nothing crazy, just a few showers.... but don't put your rain gear at the bottom of your pack :)

Buen camino,


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thnks. i´m in sevillle and leaves for toullouse tommorow everning via madrid. defintely have rain gear on top.

see you guys soon,
Buen Camino, Santos! Don't worry, you'll be fine!!

I'm sure I'll be in your shoes in about a month--OMG, do I have enough stuff? OMG, do I have TOO much stuff? OMG, what if I can't even make it to Orisson? :shock: :shock: :shock:

I look forward to hearing what you have to say about your Camino! Don't forget to write! :D


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