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OMG! It's almost here! I've trained and acclimated well to my gear. I've lived out of it for 24 hours and washed and air dried my clothing overnight to make sure my clothing choices are correct. I've combed the forum and adjusted and reworked my gear and packing list. I've packed, re-packed, thrown stuff out and packed, re-packed again. I assume I'll be doing this a few more times before I leave on 10/2. I've changed from boots to trail shoes, refined my first aid/blister kit and broken my shoes in.

I'm carrying my pack on the plane. I've reserved my bus ticket from Madrid to Pamplona. I've gotten travel insurance and provided copies of all documents, passport and credit cards to my boyfriend. I've put the "112" in speed dial and will validate the alert app once I'm in Spain. I'm well versed in using What'sApp and alerted friends to the change from texting.

I've booked two nights in Pamplona. I have already located sporting goods store(s) to obtain new poles (don't want to worry with bringing mine as they don't fold up small enough), a multi-tool with knife, etc. I have already located the Vodaphone/Orange stores. I have already mapped my walk from the bus station to my hostel. I have a couple of other essential items that I'll be buying along with a few snacks so I'll take the extra day to get the proverbial "ducks in order".

Once I begin, my plan is to book accommodation ahead the evening before or the morning of each walk if I see that it's busier than I thought or whether I want a private room for the night. I'm praying for flexibility, adaptability and to lose the need for "controlling" things along with some emotional weight I need to shed. I hold out the possibility of booking from Sarria onward to make sure I don't have to participate in any hint of a bed race which is less likely this time of year, I hear.

I've confirmed passwords, PIN numbers, transferred cash to a couple of accounts that I use for international travel, decided which credit/debit cards to take, downloaded Wise Pilgrim, bookmarked Gronze and this forum, and downloaded some of the resources I've found on this site. Yet....I cannot shake the "squeaky" bum feeling...find it hard to sleep thru the night...feel like I'm forgetting something.

I realize this is not a wilderness hike so there's that. Any mantras you all use to help you thru the jitters? I realize that we all get them. :) Any last minute items I should be sure not to forget? Thank you, my Camino tribe.


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Slow down, you'll be fine. Breathe.
A most excellent mantra, from a venerable source:

I breathe in,
I breathe out,​
I have arrived,
I am home,​
In the here,
and in the now.​
I am strong,
I am free,​
In the ultimate,
I dwell.​
I breathe in,
I breathe out.​

Repeat, and breathe...

(thanks to Thich Nhat Hanh)

Buen Camino,


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Yep, I think @JimGeier is right. Just remember to breathe! :D

Other than that, you've got it covered, @BucketBabe ! When the jitters pop up, remind yourself that at this very moment there are probably a few thousand people on the various Camino trails, most not half as prepared as you are, all walking along very successfully. If they can do it, you can, too! :D Nerves are natural at first. But after a few days, you will feel like a seasoned pro. Buen Camino!


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@BucketBabe , congratulations. It looks to me that you have done all the preparation you need. I hope you are ready to cope with repeating the process for the next however many days it takes. So all I can say is kia kaha (take care, be strong, get going).


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too much worries , I've walked with elderly Spanish ladies who did not breathe much between words ,
good God can they talk ....but they certainly can walk
anyone can do it and does , just cruise easy , it's not a test , it's a cruise


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You are ready…. Enjoy the excitement.... and buen Camino :)

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