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Lisbon River Route - A Map


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With the new route out of Lisbon now open, and the old route quickly retired, I was eager to make a quick visual for pilgrims heading that way. On the ground it is nothing to worry about as it is well marked, but for the map oriented pilgrims out there this is for you.

A big thanks to Paul who send me his gpx track of the boardwalk... which is 4.4km shorter than the old way. I dare say that the first stage out of Lisbon has been greatly improved with this new way.LisbonRiverRoute.jpg
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GREAT! Thanks so much.

Can you help out with the new distances?

Lisbon - Parque Naçoes (7)
Parque Naçoes - Sacavém (6?????)
Sacavém - end of river walk (12.4)
End of river walk - Alverca (???)
Alverca - Alhandra (5.8)

Are most people spending the first night in Alverca now?
Thanks for this information. I do have a question though. Have been trying to visualise, via Google Earth, whether the new boardwalk route has regular 'departure' points (exits). My wife and I will be staying in Santa Iria da Azoia, and I'm looking to where best we can leave the boardwalk to head across to Santa Iria. Thank you!
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Hello @Kev&Kath. Yes, there is a perfect escape route for you to take from the boardwalk to Santa Iria da Azoia. I documented this on my website, for day one out of Lisbon. There are only two escape routes that I counted after the bridge entrance, and the one you want is the second one, after about two kilometers (I am not sure of the exact distance).

To best explain it, I have included two screenshots of the placement of my uploaded photos to my Google map. In the two screenshots, Santa Iria is the green dot in the upper left corner. The orange path on the right with photos along it is my GPS/photos of the boardwalk. There is a Lidl on the map toward the right side, and then a large U-shaped, yellow interchange. The escape is there at that area.

On the second screen shot you can see I clicked on my photo to show where the approximate escape route is. And the third photo shows the actual photo I took itself. You can see the elevated highway in the photo, and the boardwalk escape route heading left, appearing to be under the highway.

Screenshot (327).png Screenshot (328).png 35-escape-route-from-boardwalk.jpg

This should make it clear, I hope! Good luck, Elle
Elle…wow…what brilliant guidance! I spent an hour or so today trying to work out when best to leave the boardwalk by looking at Google Earth. Out of desperation I posed the question above.
Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to provide such a comprehensive response (the pics really help). I really do appreciate it. Feeling very confident now in navigating this area. Again…thank you so much!!
Elle…enjoying your website as well. Lots of great info…and a good read 👍
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