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LIVE from the Camino Live from Fisterra - My first Camino is now officially over!


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Camino Primitivo (Oviedo-Santiago) (Sep-Oct 14)
After setting off from St Jean de Pied de Port on 3rd October (seems like a lifetime ago!), with the intention of being back home in England by 1 November (ha ha!!), here I sit in the Mariquito (Cafeteria! Pub! Habitaciones!) in Fisterra nearly 7 weeks later, feeling extremely satistied, if a little sad, that the adventure is over.

It took me 41 days (one day short of 6 weeks!) to walk St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago (including 1.5 days' rest in Burgos, 0.5 day in Sahagun and 0.5 day in Léon). I then rested in Santiago for 1 day, before setting off again for Fisterra, which I opted to do in 4 days instead of the usual 3 (my way: day 1 - Santiago to Negreira; day 2 - Negreira to Maroñas; day 3 - Maroñas to Cee; and a leisurely last day 4 for the final 16km Cee to Fisterra).

Although going on to Fisterra was only an afterthought, and not something I had planned to do before setting off, it is quite ironic that these last 4 days were probably 4 of the best on my Camino. We´ve just had unbelievably good weather for this time of year - incredible blue skies and magnificient sunshine, and fairly high temperatures - and for the first time since leaving Burgos I have been able to walk wearing a tee-shirt and sunglasses rather than my micro-fleece and my woolly hat! The scenery on this stretch of the Camino is to me very appealing as I grew up by the seaside (south of France) and seeing the beautiful beach here reminded me much of home.

When I first arrived in Santiago last week, I felt a bit underwhelmed. The journey felt unfinished - something was missing, I could not rest. However last night, watching the sun set over the sea here in Fisterra, I felt my journey was over and I could finally return home.

So I return home on Friday. Once there, I will spend much time updating my blog (something I have not felt inclined to do since Azofra!) and hopefully it might be of interest to future autumn pilgrims.

Once again, thanks again for all the advice here. Reading this forum thoroughly before I set off helped me a great deal, especially as my decision to come was fairly sudden and I only had 2 weeks to prepare for the trip.

To end this long post, I thought I´d attach 3 photographs as a taster (there will be more on my blog) - one taken on 1 November as I was walking from Rabanal del Camino to Cruz de Ferro - it snowed for 2 hours that day - and two taken yesterday: my first sight of the beach as I walked from Cee to Fisterra, and one of the sea as the sun set last night around 6pm - a fitting end to this trip.



  • Isabelle between Rabanal and Cruz de Ferro.jpg
    Isabelle between Rabanal and Cruz de Ferro.jpg
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  • Walking towards Fisterra.jpg
    Walking towards Fisterra.jpg
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  • Sunset over Fisterra.jpg
    Sunset over Fisterra.jpg
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Looking forward to reading your story. Kudos to you for walking in that cold, something this FLorida girl has a hard time with.
I too, and many others will tell you that arriving in Santiago was more a feeling of a stopover, albeit a very important one, and that moving forward 3 or 4 more days to Fisterra made it feel more complete. True for me. I shed tears in front of that cathedral (actually as I was coming 'round the corner) and it felt glorious, but that sunset at Fisterra gave me a feeling of completion I had not felt before. I was happy to have gone there.


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Congratulations Isabelle!
Your photos are lovely. Sometimes the "spur of the moment' decisions are the best ones! Looking forward to hearing about your "autumn walk".
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Le Puy-Santiago(2008) Cluny-Conques+prt CF(2012)
Congratulations Isabelle! It sounds like you had a wonderful walk, and I too look forward to reading your blog. I love the photo at Rabanal with the snow! (I just got fog up by Cruz de Ferro in June.)
Enjoy your well-earned rest!


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Congratulations and well done Isabelle.

I was getting a bit concerned about you as we did not hear from you for a few weeks. I am really looking forward to reading your blog and seeing some more of your photos. You must have had some really interesting experiences along the way since we parted company in Uterga all those weeks ago.

I am planning to return to the Camino in April 2009 and again in October of next year when I plan to reach Santiago. Maybe we will meet again if you ever decide to do your second Camino.

Again, well done Isabelle, you are an inspiration to us all.



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Portuguese '08, Frances '11, del Norte '14, Invierno '16, Ingles '17, Primitivo October 2018
Wow! 2 weeks to prep! and your photos are amazing...The first one nearly made me tear up! and then your smiling face...surrounded by SNOW!! Really looking forward to reading your blog. Amazing job.

Karin :D


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Year of past OR future Camino
Camino Frances, Camino Portuguese. Future: Via de La Plata 2019.

Congratulations! I can't wait to read your story!

I'm planning for my first Camino this year...You had 2 weeks to prepare, how awesome!

Buen Camino,
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