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Lockers at Madrid airport


New Member
Does anybody know if the Madrid airport has lockers to rent to leave luggage.

I know I can forward luggage to Santiago but my traveling plans center around Madrid.

Thanks for the help
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A quick google search for "madrid luggage storage" turned up 1.4 million results so you might want to read the first couple. I think a lot depends on size of bag, length of time stored, etc. another option might be to store it at the hotel you'll be using.


Staff member
Thanks, mig, I knew there was storage at Barajas but couldn't find info on the website.

One thing I vaguely remember is that there is an approximately 2 week limit on keeping the luggage at the airport. After that, they transfer the bag/s to the warehouse, and the link you posted shows a pretty hefty transfer fee. I don't think that's a voluntary thing, I'm pretty sure that if you leave it longer than the allotted time, they automatically move it to the warehouse and you have to pay the fee. So for people walking the camino, it's a very expensive option.

Bill, I think there's a good chance that if you have reservations in a Madrid hotel for your stay after the Camino, you will be able to leave it there at no charge. I've never had a hotel say no, either in Santiago or in Madrid. And depending on your travel plans, you could either personally take the box to the hotel or just mail it from a post office.

Buen camino, Laurie


New Member
Thank you all for the suggestions. I'm going to have to explore my options because that airport storage is too expensive for me.
I wasn't planning on staying in Madrid when I arrive but going there afterwards. Maybe when I do arrive I'll go to a hotel and arrange to leave a suitcase and then staying there after I've completed my camino. I'm going to do the Ingles and Muxia and Finistere so I wouldn't have to leave it for too long. Maybe I should just forward it too Santiago and collect it there.
I've got to figure this out!

Thank you again for your help
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Going on my first pilgrimage 9 SEP 14
I am flying into Madrid airport on 10 Sep 14 and departing back to U.S. from same airport on 11 Nov 14.

It's too bad they do not have inexpensive storage at the airport for a couple of months.

I am checking my larger backpack [ in a special duffle bag I purchased ] for the flight all the way from point of origin [ U.S. ] to destination [ Madrid ] so I was thinking of taking on-board a very small backpack for things I might need on the flight there and back but not to carry on the Camino Frances. It would make my pack heavier.

It would be great to NOT take the folding duffle bag in my backpack on El Camino.

Good idea about storing it at a hotel, but I was not planning on staying at a hotel in Madrid. [ I probably will NOW ].

This is when it would be great to have a friend who lives in Madrid, right? LOL.

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Staff member
Hi, ArkBuilder,
Every year when I land in Spain, I take my deconstructed cardboard box out of my backpack, put it back together with the packing tape I've brought from home, and mail a few things to my Santiago destination (for the past few years I've stayed in Santiago in the Hospederia San Martin Pinario, which has a room devoted to things sent ahead by pilgrims). This costs about 8 euros usually.

It's a pretty cheap way to get things up to Santiago -- all you have to do is have a reservation in Santiago and in my experience the hotels are very gracious about holding your stuff. Buen camino,Laurie


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They have lockers at the station in Madrid and it's big enough for two backpacks.

Olivia Luna

We have purchased very inexpensive laundry bags with a carry strap that holds our backpack. This way we avoid all the strap issues of placing them overhead and can throw our boots in there if we decide not to wear them for the 14 hour flight into Madrid (have not decided on that issue just yet, just know they are not getting checked-in with the trekking poles, those I can replace, the perfect boots? Not so much). At any rate, the bag is made fairly strong, solid material, not mesh, and very light. It folds nicely and we plan to use it as "picnic blankets" along the way. That way I do not have to worry about using the lockers or mailing something to Santiago. Will have to spend some money on prepping the trekking poles to check-in, but will worry about that when the time cones. BTW, Plan to pretreat the bags (and everything sleep related) for bed bugs as well after going through some of the threads here and put our stuff in it overnight...UGH! Oh well... :)

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