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Logistic assistance needed -Santiago to Le Puy

First....I know it sounds like I'm walking backwards....but I'm not....

After much research and pondering I have decided that after having walked the Camino Frances last year... for the 2010 Holy Year, I will walk the Camino Portuguese from Porto to Santiago and to Finistere....then return to Santiago and make my way to Le Puy, where I will start walking as far as Pamplona. From there I will make my way back home to Canada.

First question flight from Canada is on a restricted "freebie" and I must fly into and out of the same destination with no stop overs. After some thought, I concluded that Madrid would be the most central and easiest to get would appreciate suggestions on get from Madrid to an economical manner.

Then of course ...several weeks later ....I have the same questions as to how to get to Le Puy from Santiago....I'm not sure which airlines provide service from Santiago to Lyon or Paris...I know that from reading many posts on the Le Puy route ...that each of these cities offer trains that will get me to Le Puy.

And final question... I know there will be options for train or bus from Pamplona to one recommended over the other..

I have been pondering my logistics for a bit....the walking portion is easy....just put one foot in front of the other....but I would like to make that "big" booking so that I can consider my 2010 Camino...underway....

I am open to any and all suggestions for the non-walking portion of my journey....even an alternative to Madrid being the fly into point...

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Marilyn, if you want to go from A to B to C and back to A without having to double back too many times I think it might be easier to fly into Paris and start at Le Puy - walk to Pamplona, transport to Lisbon and Porto, walk to Santiago and Fistera, then fly from Santiago back to Paris.

A = Paris (and Le Puy) to Pamplona
B = Pamplona to Porto
C = Porto to Santiago and Fistera
Back to A = Paris.

You could take the TVG from Paris to Lyon, local train to Saint Etienne, and a second local train on to LePuy. (Or, fly to the Lyon airport and take a bus from there to St. Etienne.)
Then walk to Pamplona.
You could fly from Pamplona to Lisbon and get a local train to Porto.
Walk to Santiago and to Finisterre then get a bus back to Santiago for a flight to Paris on Vueling.

There are no direct rail links between Pamplona and Porto. You could get a train to Irun and from there to Lisbon on the Sud-Expresso and then another train to Porto.


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Thanks Sil....I see you're also thinking outside the box .....I will look into the option you have given...I want to start on April 1st...and thought the weather in Portugual may be a bit better at that time....but maybe I'm off base thinking the April 1st is too early for the Le Puy route...

Has anyone walked from Le Puy in April...I would be interested to hear how it was...I know weather is always changing....but is there usually snow at that time....being from Canada, I would prefer not to walk in it ...after having had to shovel it for four months before I leave!!

I have been through her wonderful blog more than a few times....and Margaret has been very helpful to me through "pm" and email in planning my daily distances and accomodations....she started in Mid-April....and it was her early weather stories that had me thinking Porto first...Le Puy second....but maybe I should just go for you say the travel logistics may be easier...and I could see Paris!!

Of course I could simplify things and do one or the other this year and save one for another time....but I really want to reach Santiago for a Holy Year Compostella....I want to walk in Portugual...and I want to walk from Le Spain...but no further than Pamplona on the France route as it will be so busy next year.....

Decisions...decisions...I know there is a way to make it all work....

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Sil, thanks for the web site is not one that I had come across... besides the terrain descriptions for both my also has weather info and many useful transportation links....again you amaze me with your ability to put your finger on so many useful Camino related sites and you always provide such great wisdom.....

Probably best to take the TVG from Hendaye to Paris and then follow the suggestions given above. Or, fly to Paris and then take the trains.

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