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Logrono to Leon in 10 Days?

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I hope to return to continue my Camino from where I left off in Logrono last year. With work and family commitments I have around 10 days for the next leg to Leon. Then a day or two travel each side home.

I would naturally want to spend more time in the cities of Leon and Burgos if I could (An afternoon/Evening etc). On doing some quick research it may take a day or two longer with a few short walking days in the mix. I would rather walk on and cover more ground however. Fitness wise, I am good and can walk as far as required daily. Any tips on itinerary or towns/villages/Albergues pls?

I am flying in from Canada, so I imagine Madrid then catch the Renfe Train to Logrono? Any tips of getting to Logrono from Madrid in short order?

How have you found this stage? After the beauty of my first leg from SJPDP I am not sure what to expect or that could top that experience.

I also hear there is an alternative River route into Burgos?

Thank you all! Buen Camino!
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I am flying in from Canada, so I imagine Madrid then catch the Renfe Train to Logrono? Any tips of getting to Logrono from Madrid in short order?


I also hear there is an alternative River route into Burgos?
PLM bus line has Madrid - Logrono service.

For Burgos see this thread:


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Hi, DsixDsix. . .

You would need to average around 18 miles / 29 km per day, which is doable if you are used to distance walking with your backpack. This does not allow for any layover time, though, so you would need to increase your daily km to account for any time spent in Burgos or Leon.


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I have spent some time, in preparation of my fall hospitalera time in Spain, planning my travel from Madrid airport. It is possible to get to Logrono via PLM Autocares, but I believe that, depending on your arrival time, the train might be better. You can compare the schedules online, but in general the bus takes an hour or two longer. With your limited time, you may want to be in Logrono in time to enjoy an evening tapas walk, very popular there.


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Alsa is another option. Bus or train. One positive thing about the bus is you don't get to see the lovely town of Soria on the train. :)

The route has changed somewhat over the years. One of the older highways you'd get some tremendous views into the abyss. Gorgeous mountain views. The last few times I've done though the sun has been down so it didn't really matter much.
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Check out this website:
It has a tab for English. It can help you break down stages. It is 309 kilometers. So as Davebugg said if you want to spend extra time you will have to lengthen your walking days or try to get a few more days to walk. In terms of nature. This section becomes very different from the first section after Burgos. You will be on the Meseta with its own beauty and challenges. Depending on when you are walking it could be very hot on the Meseta. I walked it twice in October. Once it was from about 28- 33c I am not sure of Celsius so I am guessing, high 80's low 90's every day without a hint of a cloud, very hot and tiring after 5 or 6 hours in it and the other time it was pouring rain mid 40's-mid 50's with about a 20 mile an hour wind in my face most of the day. You never know about the Meseta hahaha. But it is a different experience. When I walked it those times alot of people skipped it as it had a silly and bad rap. Don't know about now. I found it a very rewarding experience and had some of my best/worst, but definitely the most profound days on the Meseta.


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Logrono has an airport. When I was injured in 2017, we caught a plane to Madrid in the morning, and I think the return flight is in the evening. Only one flight to Madrid per day and tickets must be purchased online, not at the airport.

When we returned to finish the Camino, we started in Leon, so this year, we are taking the Alsa bus from Madrid to Logrono to experience what we missed before.
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Buen Camino and Greetings from Jerusalem
No philosophy but please allow me to introduce a small portion of reality. 30k a day is doable, a vigorous energetic plan but there are several factors which may crimp your style. Logroño is a good place to start, the proverbial and celebratory tapas crawl may slow you down the next morning. The windows of heaven and the fountains of the deep may be opened and you face a day or two of Biblical rain is another possibility. A strange bit of chorizo, a funky slice of tortilla española, that pulpo was fantastic but... and you might come down with King Boabdil's revenge. Unexpected blister(s), God Forfend, a twisted ankle, or an encounter with a runaway garbage truck may slow you down. Since you already know that there will be wonderful people walking beside you, you have already experienced the camaraderie and the priceless instant friendships that spring up but suddenly ambling along and it's already 1030 with another 24k to go - do you say goodbye and mush on probably never to meet again or do you change your itinerary? It's only 1400 and you are enchanted with Santo Domingo de la Calzada or Nájera with another 10-12k scheduled, do you say next time or do you stop? Another cup of coffee in this cafe/bar and a chinwag, duck into that church for a good walkabout, a museum or does the tyranny of your itinerary count more? So do wedge a large amount of flexibility into your rucksack.
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