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London to the Del-Norte via Biarritz with EasyJet

David O'Stone

New Member

I was looking for the clearest and obviously cheapest way to travel from London to Bayonne to start the Del-Norte

I found the train labyrinth quite a hassle and I still don’t understand how to go about it.

I then looked for direct flights and to my amazement I found that easy jet has a flight from London to Biarritz which is only 5 kilometers from Bayonne!
Oh, wait, and it’s only 30+ Euros!!

Is there an unforeseen problem that I’m missing?
Why is it that with that much comfort most people choose a train ride which is significantly more expensive, takes a lot more time and requires you to change stations?

That was question number one =] there still more to come =]
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Francés (2004.SJPP-SdC-Finisterre)(1998-2012 completed in sections). Norte (2006.122km) Inglés (2009)
It is a good choice IF you live or can get to London easily.

There is a direct bus from the airport to Bayonne station. The people on the information desk can even tell where to catch it.

At Bayonne you take one train to SJPP.

I hope to return to the Camino in 2012 and that is the way I am going.

You will have discovered that Ryanair fly from Santiago to London. Book your return flight when you know when you will need it.

Getting in and out from London is dead easy.

It's the bit in the middle that's the difficulty. Oh those hills, ouch.

ps. You will be sitting on the plane wing. That's why its so cheap. :D

David O'Stone

New Member
Hmm, sitting on the wing isn't an issue. I can live with it.

BTW, i'm planning on backpacking the whole way which means sleeping out in a tent and i'll appreciate any information or advice anyone has to offer on that specific point.

I'm not very knowledgeable on the Camino routes and don't know much about the Del-Norte at all.
Do you start the actual walk from Bayonne itself or do you take another train to someplace else?

I did the Frances about 2 years ago and we started from Saint Jean, crossing through the Pyrenees.
The problem this time is that we don't read Spanish or German and good readable English books are nowhere to be found.

I've not yet discovered nor learned the obstacles ahead and will appreciate further assistance although at times my questions may tire the informative reader.

So back on topic, do i start from Bayonne? because if not maybe there is a bus directly from the mentioned airport to wherever it is i need go?

Camino(s) past & future
Francés (2004.SJPP-SdC-Finisterre)(1998-2012 completed in sections). Norte (2006.122km) Inglés (2009)

Just below the map above is a link to the CSJ guide for the Camino Norte.

It is updates annually and is an essential buy.

Re the tent. I have read that it is illegal to camp on public lands in Sapin and that you need permission to camp on private land. Perhaps you need to ask that question in another thread.

I was under the impression that the Norte starts in San Sebastian, though others start in Bilbao or Santander. It must be possible to get a train from Bayonne and rail europe in London should be able to guide you on that.

I have also been advised that English speaking Spaniards are less common on the Norte, but others will advise you on that.

David O'Stone

New Member
Hmm, I’m looking above, in fact I eye-scanned the whole page and so far I haven’t seen any map.
Maybe it’s one of these websites where appearance changes with location.
In any way, I see no map and therefore see no link.

I wasn’t aware of any legal problems to sleep in a tent.
Two years ago I did the Frances and we camped out the whole route sleeping but one or two nights in one of the Camino’s “hostels”.
I had a really good time and everyone with no exeption were extremely nice to us.
Actually, some times people gave us food and invited us for dinner and no one, not even once told us that it’s illegal, wrong or showed and problem with it.
I will therefore assume that the same is true for the Del-Norte. I was mostly interested to hear other people’s experiences with tenting across the Del-Norte. However, if it bothers anyone I would be happy to continue such conversation via private messages.

Regarding the route… if it starts at San Sebastian then this is where I will start from I simply wasn’t sure where the starting point was. I’ll have to look at it better

Thanks again


RIP 2015
Hi David
the route starts from Irun just over the border from France,there is a train from the airport I think(4euros) to Hendaye and you then walk over the international bridge,some even start walking from the airport,you can get a pilgrim passport from the Albergue there (cheap Pilgrim accommodation) 27 more of these in the Province of Asturias alone,I hope to walk in September and will be writing a blog (see below). many people camp out on the Camino's, mostly young people and often in small groups,I have seen guitar playing Pilgrims sleeping on the beach in San Sebastian.
I will be carrying a small tent to use when I can't find cheap accommodation ( it is a holiday area) and I will wild camp if I need to,if I don't I will ditch the tent.
good luck
Camino(s) past & future
Francés (2004.SJPP-SdC-Finisterre)(1998-2012 completed in sections). Norte (2006.122km) Inglés (2009)

David O'Stone

New Member
Thank you both very much.

Ian, thank you very much from that precise information... it was much needed and it cleared my head a bit more =]



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Hi David, dont know if you have left for the Camino yet ,but Regards to Camping if you contact
the Spanish Tourist Office,in London they may if you ask send you Camping Details, a CD / Maps of
the Campsites along the way,I did it a few Years back,, John

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