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Looking for advice :) Leaving for Via de la Plata in March!


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I am a woman peregrina-wannabe planning my first Camino on Via de la Plata.

Despite all those concerns from my family and the complicated situations around me,
I finally decided to leave for Camino this March-
I have several questions asking for recent info.

Q1. Will it be cold in March on Via de la Plata? How is the weather like in March to April there?

Q2. is the scenery of Via de la Plata more beautiful and picturesque than that of Camino Frances? Like many other peregrinos, I initially planned to choose Camino Frances to be the first Camino route. However, I gave up this choice having heard from so many people worring about the extreme jam of this Holy Year-! I want to enjoy and taste the wonderful scenery of Camino.

Q3. Does the stay in the albergues on Via de la Plata cost more than that on Camino Frances? I heard that the payment for the albergues in the Galicia region has risen up to more than 5 Euros. Will there be any increase in the payment for the albergues in Via de la Plata?

Q4. By reviewing the topics below, it would probably safe to walk alone as a woman on Via de la Plata, but I also read the news that two women have been said to be robbed there respectively on different accounts. Would it be recommended to look for a company before I leave?

Thank you so much for reading these long questions!
I sincerely feel grateful to all thos peregrinos providing such valuable information to everyone-

Buen Camino! :)
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We'll also leave Sevilla in the first part of next march.
I wish to mention that, on the first stage of the Camino (Sevilla-Guillena), we have to cross a small arroyo (Arroyo de los Molinos). I have, recently, two days ago, contacted the Pilgtrim association of Sevilla and here is the answer :

Efectivamente, debido a las lluvias (y a la desidia de las
Administraciones Públicas) Arroyomolinos no es vadeable a día de hoy; la
Asociación ha colocado un cartel de desvio por la carretera antigua que
lleva a Guillena, que tiene poco tráfico, tal como anunciamos en nuestras
noticias de la web. Buen Camino.

If you don't read spanish, they say that due to recent heavy rains (this was my question) pilgrim trafic is diverted to the "ancient road to Guillena". I think that, from the beginning of the restricted path where they have set a panel indicating the closure of the path, pilgrims will have to walk to La Algaba, following the road and there walk north till Guillena on a small road passing by Torre la Reina. For the time being, it's the way we shall take to Guillena.

Weather : Considering those past heavy rains, i do feel that we can expect muddy areas. Average temperature during the day = about 18/20 celsius.
We already walked Camino Frances but cannot help you comparing the two caminos as it is our first time on la Plata.

Buen camino y ultreia !
Dear Eze,

Thank you so much for sharing such a valuable piece of info.

I will definitely consider your advice determining my route on La Plata!
(worried about the heavy rain and the muddy road... :cry: )

Buen Camino :)
Hi Photina and welcome to the Forum.

As I am sure you have already noticed, fellow pilgrims will quickly try to answer your questions concerning your Camino.

May I suggest the following:

1. The Pilgrim FAQ at the top right of the page.
2. The Class of 2010 to see whom else may be walking the Way at the same time
3. The Camino Calendar at the bottom of the page will also show whom is walking, from where and it also lists key events along the Way.
4. There's also a "search" capability at the top right. You can enter a keyword, such as: "food", "refuge Leon" and it will search the Forum and return links.
5. Another great resource is:

Hope that helps,

Buen Camino,

Sevilla Pilgrim Association just advised me that "antigua carretera a Guillena" is actually N 630.
After having checked that, it happens that it is one of the way to go to Guillena (by foot) given by Google maps.
Buen camino
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