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Looking for volunteers, interested in volunteering

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Though a good idea, isn't there already one with info Hospitalero courses around the world where people ask about volunteering? At least I remember posting several times.


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There is one for hospiteleros, but perhaps there is a demand for volunteers who don't take the course.

I've encountered volunteers on the canino at private albergues who exhange free room and board for helping out. Perhaps that's the demographic in need of a sub-thread?
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I like that idea. Not sure if I want to take the course for hospiteleros but I would like to know of other opportunities to volunteer.

Michelle B

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Spring 2020
Me too I was planning on walking the Camino France's in 2020 and had begun training locally... I 'm walking 8 km 5 days a week. Long story short, left foot swelling has my Doctor worrying I have a stress fracture...maybe a volunteer opportunity will make more sense...interested in what is out there.

Lisa HS

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Portuguese (Porto - Santiago - Finisterre) Spring (2018)
I love this. In Spring 2016 I walked SJPP to SdC. About 3/4 of the way along I stopped for 6 days to help out a friend of mine who'd sub-let an albergue for the season (the owner was not able to run it for personal reasons). In exchange for a bed and fabulous food and company, I did light cleaning to get ready for the next wave of pilgrims and helped to check them in when they arrived. It was an amazing experience. I had a much-needed break from my walking, and was able to experience Camino life from the other side...taking care of pilgrims rather than being taken care of. Since I wasn't THE hospitalera, i didn't have the weight of responsibility that brings, and didn't need the full-on hospitalero training. This experience greatly enhanced my own pilgrimage. I've often thought that a platform for this kind of exchange, for private albergues, would be beneficial for pilgrims and hospitalaros alike.


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Hopefully this will be a good place to consolidate all the information on volunteering that's available on this forum. I've been researching volunteering and have found one or two people that have a lot of good information, but I can't remember the thread where it is.

Michelle B

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Spring 2020
Thank you for starting this thread I am new to the forum and still getting used to navigating it.

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