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Looking to walk mid Sept 2010


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Camino Primitivo
As a novice pilgrim I would appreciate any advice, although I am quite fit and consider I am able to manage a fair daily distance I have no experience of this walk. I would like details of best start point and how to get there,what guide routes if any are needed, is it OK to turn up at the various overnight accommodations or pre book some? any neccessary things I need for the journey etc.
If there is anyone else considering walking at this time in 2010?
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Hi PhilJ
I walked from Santander to Santiago via the Primitivo in May this year. The only places I phoned ahead were in Llanes because of the Mayday bankholiday and to a Pension in Arca because of the sheer numbers of peregrinos on the Frances. Have a look at my pics and comments at :- ... chive.html
Remember that because it is a 'Blog' it runs from the end to the beginning so to speak!
I used the CSJ guide plus any updates that I could get hold of:-
Many folk begin the Primitivo in Oviedo. However, depending on the time available I feel it would be better to start on the Norte and get limbered up before the climbs on the Primitivo itself. I am 65 and would consider myself reasonably fit. My pilgrimage was the first 'long walk' that I have done and it was everything that I could have wished . . . and more! Look round the posts on this forum and ask whatever you like - someone will know the answer. Above all don't be put off!! If you feel called to the Primitivo - go for it!

Blessings on your walking
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Hi, PhilJ,

I am a real cheerleader for the Camino Primitivo, I walked it about a year ago and it was absolutely wonderful.

If you are in good shape and used to long distances, and if you have the time, you could start in Leon. Leon to Oviedo, on the Camino del Salvador, is 4 days of spectacular walking. The second and third day are a little rough, but just incredible. Then on from Oviedo to Santiago on the Primitivo.

As Terry indicates, there's also a possibility of starting a few days before Oviedo on the Camino del Norte. The Camino del Norte splits in Villaviciosa, one branch stays up on the coast and continutes on the Norte path, the other takes a two day detour down to Oviedo where you can hook up with the Primitivo. I have also walked the Norte, and it too has an awful lot of beautiful scenery. There's lots of good recent forum information on that route as well.

So when you ask where to start, I guess it depends on how many days you want to be walking. If you're in shape and used to long distances, Oviedo to Santiago will probably take 11 or 12 days.

I used the Confraternity guide, and thought it was fine for the Primitivo, less fine for the Norte. We never made advance reservations and never had a problem, but maybe we were just lucky.

Buen camino -- Laurie

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