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I took a picture of the bridge heading into Hospìtal de Ortega and somehow lost my camera between there and the albergue. Went back four times but nothing. Over 500+ pictures from St. Jean to here. It was a panasonic lumix--blue--the albergues here have my information but if you could spread the word. Obviously someone picked it up because I went back immediately and it was already gone. I don´t care that much about the camera but I am desperate to get the card back. Portia Hirschman--contact me via private message. Thank you! I gave my information to some pilgrims going forward just in case but this loss is devastating.
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
I,ve found this messagge in other forum, could it be your camera?

On thurs 17th Sept, we found a camera on some wood slats round about Emplane (near Hospital de Orbigo). It was the day it rained for about 8 hours and we stopped to put more rain gear on. This is probably what happened to the camera owner too. The last photo is of a young guy who had on a yellow rain pack cover. We had hoped that this would make him easy to find, but the bad weather forced a lot of people to stop earlier than they had probably planned. We were in Santiago until Sunday but we couldn't find them. We took it to the pilgrims office and showed it to some people in Santiago. We recognised the faces on it as did others but noone could find the people in the photos,
The P.O. wouldn't take it so we brought it home with the intention of putting a posting on a forum."

If you lost a camera on that day, please contact and describe the camera to them. It could be yours.
Unfortunately that must not be my camera. I lost it Sept 22 along the bridge. It was a sunny day so no rain ponchos. Thanks for keeping me in mind. It would be a true miracle if it was recovered. I still am sad.
Portia1 said:
It would be a true miracle if it was recovered. I still am sad.

Yes, you must have been very sad when that happened: we invest so much of our memory in our cameras these days. It may turn up still. Suppose someone did what Tximeleta and friends did? What a good idea :idea: and an excellent practical use of a pilgrim Forum!

Did you exchange email addresses with any pilgrims walking at the same time as yourself? It may be that they will be able to send you copies of their photos. You may even be in some of them, but in any case, if you contact people and get their photos you will have pictures of the places you saw taken when you were there. Just an idea...

The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
Tximeleta said:
have you tried the village "lost objects" ?

That's a good idea. Another possibility is this: at this time of year there is only one albergue open there in Hospital de Orbigo, the private albergue San Miguel and the people who run it are very pilgrim-friendly people. They may know something about what happens to lost property locally. Why not send them an email and see what they suggest?

On the subject of the albergue San Miguel, they have a wonderful painting facility offered free to pilgrims, which I mentioned once before in relation to my recent Camino. Looking up the email address of the albergue just now, I chanced upon their pages of photos of the pilgrims' art work. Some of it is inspired. Some of it is pretty amateur. But it seems they put it all up on the walls and their website without any distinction. A bit like our journeys, really, and everyone gets a Compostela regardless of how far they came.

Re: lost camera in Hospital de Orbigo

I actually stayed at San Miguel and they have all my information, as does the other albergue. They were very sympathetic and even called the local bars and restaurants to see if anyone had turned anything in. I gave name, address, phone number to bikers, other walkers and left it at major alberques all the way to Santiago and then at the Pilgrim Office. When I stopped in one alberque, they were already aware that my camera was lost! Talk about grapevine! At this point, if I could get the memory card back, that would be greatly sufficient.
You should try to post it in the local police at the place where you have lost your camera. And even to the hospital security personnel. But it was already lost for too long, so next time just be careful. Angioplasty

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