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Luggage transportation Available?


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Hi all, I'm planning to do el Camino Frances at the end of July; starting in St. Jean Pied Du Port. We'll be arriving in Paris and departing from Madrid spending a couple of days in each place. My concern is that other than my back pack I'll like to take a few more thing but will need a company to do the transportation from SJPDP to Santiago. Any one have a suggestion?

Thank you.
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depending on how much you need transported, posting a few changes of clothes shouldn,t be too expensive. Ivar will probably know more about freight transport, and he runs a service where he will mind your parcel until you arrive. I posted around a kilo of extra stuff for about 6euros. cheers, Jane


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Thanks for your response. I think it will only be about 1 or 2 kls. Definatelly not planning to bring more than what I need.
How can I contact Ivar?
Thanks again.


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Mailing from France (St. Jean) will be much more expensive than mailing from within Spain. That being said, the post office in St. Jean is about halfway between the train station and the Pilgrim Office.


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Ivar is the man who runs this site. He has just started a new business in ssantiago for pilgrims, if you go to the front page you will find a link there, then you can PM him if you need to, although check out the links on the home page first.
Yes, it will cost more to post from St Jean than in Spain but may be worth it rather than carry it over the mountains on day one? If posting in france, bring a post box from home as they are quite expensive there.
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oyadira said:
Thanks for your response. I think it will only be about 1 or 2 kls. Definatelly not planning to bring more than what I need.
How can I contact Ivar?
Thanks again.
Hi there,

Here I am! :)

Have a look over here for more details of the Luggage storage in Santiago. Send us a message using the contact form on the site, or PM me for more info.

Greetings from Santiago,

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