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OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Madrid/Porto Layover. SpTH required?

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On September 19/20, 2022, I will be flying to Madrid Airport from Chicago with some friends. We have a three hour layover and then catch a flight to Porto. (All on the same Iberia ticket). My question is will we need the SpTH app? The SpTH website says "International transit passengers and children under the age of 12 do not have to show DCC or SpTH QR." but I'm unclear what would happen if we had to change terminals during our layover?

I bet we have to show the SpTh app in Chicago, don't we?

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Thanks. We will do that.
I found this in the SpTH FAQ: " If a passenger arrives in Spain in international transit to another country, they do not have to show EU DCC or SpTH QR. A person is considered to arrive in international transit if this transit lasts less than 24 hours and is performed without leaving the airport premises."
We flew Boston to Madrid to Porto on 9/8 -9/9. Although we had the QR code we never had to show it. We did have to show our vaccination record in Boston before we received our boarding passes and checking in. We had about 1 1/2 hours between flights and had to hustle to catch our flight. Had to go through passport control and baggage check again… fortunately we only had carry on baggage
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Our layover is a bit over 3 hours which should be fine, I hope.
I’ve flown into Madrid twice with SPTH QR code and it wasn’t checked until you exit to baggage claim. You shouldn’t need it for a layover as long as your ticket was booked all the way through.You would need to comply with Portugal’s requirements. Your airlines will let you know what you need and will not let you board without it. If you booked a separate ticket to Portugal it is likely your airline will require it as they see you ending in Spain.
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