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madrid route to medina de rioseco


New Member
have just completed this section 30 april, just some points that may help
.Manzanares-hotel Parque Real only viable accomodation 80 euros triple w bfast.Tranco shut down- Yelmo 2.5km outside- Ermita closed
.in cercedilla catch bus 1 from P Mayor up hill to Hostel you wont regret it next day
.after Puerto de la Fuenfria gate take left fork, (200m from gate) good walking till crossroads with 591km marker to SdC- 15km to Segovia on camino or take right asphalt road to Vasail 5km? then bus segovia. 2 bars in Vasail, see how you feel at 591km marker!
.Ane refuge looked habitable, only looked through window, it had windows, doors and a roof with bunks inside needs some pilgrims to use it
.food in santa Maria is 1.5 kms along main road to segovia, truck stop, ok
.Coca has 2 storey house as refuge 16 beds 1 bathroom good food at bar near main roundabout advertised in refuge
.Alcazeren albergue is immaculate, 8 beds see bar Real on way into centre, supermarket nearby
.puente Duero to simancas go on right side of road using bike path
buses for valladolid from bridge Duero side
.wamba church worth a look
.Penaflor refuge in town hall, free
.convent Santa Clara good option, before bridge into Medina de Rioseco, on right


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Camino del Norte (2009-10, 2012), Camino de Madrid (2012)
Thanks a lot for these comments! We'll keep them in mind for the next edition of the guide :)



Veteran Member
in cercedilla catch bus 1 from P Mayor up hill to Hostel
Hóla, This is good information. The reverse also applies, you can get bus back down the hill. As you enter town look at bus stop time tables. They are listed at each stop. Locals also seem to be aware of peregrinos.
Perhaps the hill up to the hostel is not too bad? It's only when you have showered, walked back and dined...departed restaurant.......... and you remember to turn right after walking down to T junction..then some might think it's steep. But , perhaps not too difficult.
Buen Camino


Staff member
Hi, lostpilgrim,
Thanks for pointing me to this post, which I hadn't fuly digested since I was walking on the Levante when you wrote it.

If you saw Roger's pictures, you'll see he has one (somewhere around 5 minutes on the first set of photos on youtube) of a sign pointing to the Refugio de Pena Sacra, with a Santiago conch shell. I'm trying to find out if that means that it's been re-opened for pilgrims and if so, under what conditions. But it seems that when you were there in April, it was still closed?

Glad to hear the Alcazaren albergue was immaculate. When I was there it was terribly dirty, and there were no brooms, mops, etc, to clean it up a bit. Hoping they've decided to maintain it a bit, because even though the windows are a bit weird as I remember (with heavy metal slats on them), it is a new albergue and should be kept in good condition.

Did you stay in the first hostel on the left as you walk up from Cercedilla or in the second one further on on the right?

And I am quite jealous if you actually got to go inside the Wamba church. When I went by it was locked up tight!

Thanks, buen camino, Laurie


Veteran wanderer
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peregrina2000 said:
Hi, lostpilgrim,

Refugio de Pena Sacra... in April, it was still closed?
End of May, it was not open.

Glad to hear the Alcazaren albergue was immaculate.
In excellent condition when I slept there. The kitchen needs to be properly equipped.

And I am quite jealous if you actually got to go inside the Wamba church. When I went by it was locked up tight!
I had a guided tour of the church and the adjacent remains of the monastery of the Order of Malta. A memorable moment.
As you enter the village, go straight to the Hogar de Pensionistas and ask. They will arrange it for you. They are so proud of their ''monument''.



New Member
hi peregrina 2000
canuck has answered your questions well. the hostel in Cercedilla was the first one on the left,Albergue Villacastora. 18euros if your over 30, with breakfast, will do picnic to go for early start.
large refuge, 72 beds, which can be noisy


Staff member
Thanks for the updates everyone. I will try to find out more about the refugio in Manzanares, because Roger's picture of the camino sign sure makes it look like it is open again to pilgrims.

I also stayed in the albergue Villacastora in Cercedilla. We were told that they always keep a few private rooms (off to the left on the first floor) for pilgrims. Maybe they have changed the practice, hope not, because the night I was there there was a huge group of kids in the albergue.

Buen camino, Laurie


New Member
yes the rooms were private with ensuite.
thankyou for your posts and info on the Levante. your contribution has made up my mind that the Levante will be my next camino for 2014

muchas gracias

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