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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago

Maps and Guidebooks- necessary?

Hello all. Thanks for all the info so far! I'm leaving in 6 days. Screwily, I just now started thinking about maps and guidebooks of the Camino Frances. I guess I just figured I would "go with the flow," but is that crazy? Do I need to have these things so I won't get lost, or is it possible to find one's way? THANKS!!!


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With a guidebook of some kind you know, for example, how far it is to the next village, what services are there, how many refugios, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc are there, what alternative routes are available, what the elevation changes are, what the historical sights are and more. I guess if you are comfortable not knowing these things you don't need a guidebook. I will be taking at least 2.


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A guide tells you about the history of the many villages and towns you will cross. A map on the CF is not really required as flechas amarillas abound.
Profile of the journey is somewhat scary at times; nice to know but not essential.

If you don't have time to buy a book, or think it will be too heavy, go at Mundicamino : http://www.mundicamino.com/ , click on the Camino you will walk and you have a small guide by stages. You can print the pages.

Bring them with you and, once a stage is done, throw away the paper.

Buen camino.
If you decide you want a guidebook, you could get either the John Brierley or the Davies and Cole from amazon.com on short notice. The Confraternity of St. James guidebook is also good, but it would never get to you in time.

Steve S


"...figured I would "go with the flow," but is that crazy? Do I need to have these things so I won't get lost, or is it possible to find one's way?"
Not crazy at all, it's a personal preference. Though am myself a "guidebook man," I have friends that are neither into guidebooks or maps, as crazy as it may sound, and never got lost-can't say the same for me, guidebook et al! It's ur call, ur Camino. Best, xm 8)
Thanks for the advice! I was hoping everyone would say something like "no, don't bring a guidebook because of the extra weight!" Isn't it funny how sometimes we ask for advice, only wanting our own opinion(uninformed in my case) reinforced? :oops: I'll definitely order a guidebook, then!


...funny how sometimes we ask for advice, only wanting our own opinion...reinforced? I'll definitely order a guidebook, then!
Not out of the woods, yet, peregrino! Which guidebook have u decided on that needs reinforcement? :lol: Best, xm 8)
haha, I had originally decided to forgo guidebooks! I never use them for anything and I figured I would just follow the swarms I've been hearing about on the CF! If you can recommend a guidebook that will ship to Michigan before 5/20 I will order it :lol:


U got good recommendations on previous posts, maybe u can choose & order it via Amazon-rapid delivery. I assume u may also be able to get it in Spain, particularly Madrid. Best, xm 8)

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