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Am I correct when I think that I can download a map from godesalco.com and use it in the app map.me?
If that should be possible, can someone explain how to do it? I have tried to download the different type of files, but how do I find them in map.me and which file type is correct?
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Camino Frances, 2015
Maps.me can read GPS files in the KML and KMZ formats. If you have a GPS file in the GPX format there are websites that can convert between the formats and you can download the converted file.

You can use file management apps to get to your file and then open it. You would then be asked what app you want to use to open it with. However the easier way may be to email yourself the various types of GPS files as attachments (with the three letter suffix) and then click on the attachment to open it. Use a good subject line like CF TRACK - STAGE 1 so you can find all your tracks easily with your email app's search tool.

For a source of camino tracks go to this thread:
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Am I correct when I think that I can download a map from godesalco.com and use it in the app map.me?
If that should be possible, can someone explain how to do it? I have tried to download the different type of files, but how do I find them in map.me and which file type is correct?
If you are asking this question because you want a map when you are walking a camino there is an easy solution. I think. If you want maps for other hikes etc. then I am even more technologically challenged and can't help. I tried to download that map.me maps and was completely lost.
What you probably already know is that Wisely (Wise Pilgrim) Buen Camino and I am sure some other apps have maps that you can use for free of many of the most popular camino routes.
If I were you and you don't have a 12 year old kid handy borrow a friend's and tell him/her what you want to do and let them do it for you, They can probably do it in about 2 minutes.

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Every phone, every update, and every sequence of clicks seems to create variations in the procedures. These are very frustrating and I certainly don't have the explanations. However, based on my limited experience with an Android phone, here is what I suggest.
  1. First you need to download the App "maps.me" from the app store, to your phone.
  2. Then you need the map(s) of Spain downloaded to your phone so you can use it offline. Open the app and zoom into the general location in Spain that you are interested. You will be asked "do you want to download the map". It will be in several different parts and you need several to cover the route. You should download those maps of Spain using wifi so you are not charged, as these are big files.
  3. Find the kml file of the route you want; download and save on your computer. (download from godescalo or elsewhere).
  4. Compose a new email on your computer. Attach the file and send it to yourself by email.
  5. Open the email on your phone, and click on the attached KML file. Let the phone save it where it wants.
  6. Go to maps.me and look at the map of Spain. Hopefully, the track will be there, like magic.
Let us know if it works. I have found that sometimes it doesn't, and I need to repeat the email.
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Camino Frances, 2015
Then you need the map(s) of Spain downloaded to your phone so you can use it offline.
Excellent advice.

Also, if you have the choice of choosing between a KML and a KMZ file my recommendation to GPS newbies is to pick the KMZ file as they are compressed versions of a KML file and I just learned that files in the KMZ format have extra goodies in them.

Now I have to learn what these goodies are.
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Camino Frances, 2015
I looked things up at a Google website (and one or two others). Google developed the KML and KMZ formats.

The compression does appear to be done by the standard zip programs but, besides the KML file being in the zipped package there may be other files as well. I'm guessing that possibly these may include extra icons that might be useful (for example, a camino related KMZ may have a building icon surrounding the letter A to indicate an albergue for a waypoint/placemark). Again, just a guess.

See the ugly details for tech people here:

Another webpage I saw said that some apps that can open KML files cannot handle KMZ files. So I was wrong there. But I did use a file manager app on my Android to find a few KMZ files that I had downloaded and opened one up in maps.me with no problems.


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Yes, getting GPS tracks is confusing.

I have just looked at Maps.me and note it appears to use all/most of its information from Open Street Maps.

In maps.me I could make a pedestrain route from A to B: good.
And I could adjust the route by adding, say, a new end point C.
Then it created a new direct route, removing B.
Not good if I really wanted to go to from A to C passing through B

For Android users I suggest you consider either:
OSMand+; or
Windy Maps.

The latter is quite new. However it expects users to create routes with many waypoints. And it shows routes that have already been created by OSM contributors. This may avoid the need to download and apply GPS files.


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Just a general comment.

When you generate a route on Godesalco and download the GPS files. It is better to create multiple shorter routes rather than one large GPS file. If you limit your route calculations to two or three planned stages i.e less than 100KM then the various GPS apps find these easier to work with because less memory/cpu resources may be used.

My Mio Cyclo GPS cannot handle GPS tracks longer than 200 KM so this is the limitation I stick too!
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