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Forgive me if this topic has already been raised and answered but does anyone know if you can get a good walking map of the Finisterre area? I tried to buy one in Santiago last summer but everyone looked at me as if I was mad and offered me road maps with no detail at all.

I have a couple of guide books but I do like the 'belt and braces' of a good walking map as well. I did Santiago to Finisterre last year and it was fine with just the guidebook - however, this year we may be doing the round trip via Muxia and we met a few people who said they had got lost on that bit . . . so I would like a map if they exist.

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I can't help you to source the maps but I walked to Finisterre and Muxia just a few weeks ago and the Muxia extension is just as well waymarked at the Finisterre leg. Any detours from the guidebook have excellent temporary signage.

Good luck



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Thanks Peter, that's very helpful. I've downloaded the pdfs and have just about worked out how to print them. I've even spotted some little shells marking the path on some. That's wonderful! A couple of the sheets are from 1944 which is not so good (Santiago and Camarinas) but still much better than nothing.

However, I didn't get anyting but a mainly blank page from your url: ??? Do I need to download something else - like the WMS viewer you mention?

Thanks again, Windy
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if you just see a pink background, it means the server is out of action, so just try again some other time. The IDEE's WMS viewer I mention is just another way of looking at the same data. It should work in any modern browser. If you're using an older version of the browser, you'll need to upgrade; and you need to have javascript enabled. Similar to Google Maps.

Yes, it's a pity they haven't released a newer 1:50,000 version for Santiago, but the online WMS is the 1:25,000 series, the new version of which I think covers the whole Finisterre/Muxia route. You can see the little red stylised shell symbol.


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Hi Peter,

I see this:


I guess it could be a pink background? My eyesight pretty lousy.

Windy, that is not a pink background, that is an error msg! You're at the wrong zoom level. My little program starts off at zoom level 10, centred on the W front of the cathedral. Click on the 10th level on the zoom control on the left (starting from 0 at the bottom). If that doesn't work, press page refresh on the browser to clear the cache.


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Sorry Peter but I get the same error message and the zoom is set to the mid-range, even changing the zoom makes no difference. Perhaps there is another problem?
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erm. Not something I can reproduce here. Are you also using IE? Could you try changing the browser window size, and see if you can get the whole msg? The image Windy posted says 'must be > 0 and < download limits', but the important bit of the msg - what it's actually complaining about - is off to the left.
The program sends out requests like this one which should give you a 1044x507pixel jpeg image of the W part of Santiago. If you have the time (and the patience) you could assemble your own strip maps by sending out requests like that.


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Hi there,

about the link that Peter gave, it is functioning. If you see around the right corner, there is "+" button, click the button and then choose "Spain:pNOA aerial/resters", after that depend on the speed of your internet, it will show the map. But every time you drag the map and reach the part that not yet rendered("white corner"), you have to wait until it fully rendered and then showed. So I suggest, just drag it slowly but of course I guess it´s depend on your bandwith speed / Internet. I found that under reasonable magnification about two or three level above the default. it will show a small red scallop sign along the route, but if you over magnificationing it, it will show you instead of map but a satelite view like we find in google map. I hope my english is understandable and will help you.

the aerial photo PNOA layer is coming from a different server, and does display the MTN rasters at lower zoom levels, but these are not such good quality as the main layer. See the help (the '?' top left).

It displays the whole viewport as one map tile; in theory, you can split these into smaller tiles, but this doesn't work for these rasters as they aren't aligned properly, so I got round this by displaying one big tile. Of course, this means there is a pause while it loads the tile, and the larger the viewport the larger the tile. I have noticed that the server is very slow at certain times of the day, which may mean a pause of several seconds. When you drag the map, it loads the tile for the new position. It makes no difference how slowly you drag it.
ok, I've found the problem, as I got the same error msg you did when I hit the full-screen button by mistake :? It tried to fetch an image bigger than the permitted width of 1500 pixels. If you get this error, reduce the width of the browser window and it should work.
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