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Marking time makes you think... and change things

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Camino Portugues (October 2018)
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So I leave in October. Originally I planned just Sarria to Santiago. But since I have time to ruminate, I changed it up. Now I'm starting in O'Cebreiro and extending to Finisterre and Muxia. By October, who knows which way I'll actually head :)

At least the plane tickets are bought so I have to head somewhere from Madrid! I also looked at Inglis as another option.

Anyone else experience plan changes before they leave?


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Frances (2015)
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The walk from cebreiro will be beautiful, galicia is a lovely state! There is a small church there built in year 900AD which is a very, very nice place to start stamping your credential! :)

I had minor, last minute changes (such as arriving so excited in Madrid after a neverending flight from Australia that we departed straight to Burgos instead of resting in Madrid for a day... XD)

Buen Camino!


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May 2019 Portuguese
My next plan (subject to change) is to purchase a ticket to Madrid and then figure out where I want to start. Isn't it great to have options!


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Camino Frances: SJPdP-Burgos, (2015); Burgos-Sarria (2018); Sarria-Santiago (2018).
Frances (2020)
Oh, yeah! Time to think. And change. :D

This past May I had to end in Sarria, because knee pain had slowed me down so much I ran out of time. But I'm going back in October to finish. No brainer, right? Sarria to Santiago.

Hahaha... That lasted about a week. Here are the options so far.

1. Sarria to Santiago.
2. O Cebrieiro to Santiago. Because I'd like a little quiet time before I hit Sarria.
3. Astorga to Ponferrada, then bus to O Cebrieiro, then OC to Santiago. Because I had to taxi over Monte Irago due to my knees.
4. But wait! Don't go backwards, go forward! Sarria to Santiago to Finisterre and Muxia.
5. Well, then, why not O Cebrieiro to Finisterre & Muxia?
6. Or how about Astorga to Ponferrada, to O Cebriero to Santiago, with a bus trip to Finisterre? Or... or... Or, hey! How about ....???
7. Go. Just go. Figure it out when you get there. St. James will get you where you need to be.

I've only been back 6 weeks. I can't imagine what all I'll come up with by October!:eek:

But planning is so much fun. ;)
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Portugues (October 2018)
Augustine Camino (July 2019)
Isle of Wight Camino (July 2019)
well if you do option #2 we may see each other! that and maybe 5 :)

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