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Mass at Santiago


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when I attended mass at Santiago, Sunday 25th October there was a nun who sang solo. I'm not sure if it was in Spanish or Latin but I found it quite moving and I would like to ask if anybody has any information on what was sung and if there are any CDs of her or any of the songs available.

with thanks
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Hola - the nun who sings at the Pilgrims' Mass is Sister María Asunción:

I took this not longer after she was appointed about a year ago:

I stand to be corrected but I'm almost certain that she has never been recorded apart from Pilgrims uploading to You Tube. Indeed when I searched this morning the recordings all featured the previous incumbent, Sister Maria Jesus, who now works in the Cathedral in Madrid.
Indeed when I searched this morning the recordings all featured the previous incumbent, Sister Maria Jesus, who now works in the Cathedral in Madrid.[/quote]

Hola JohnnieWalker,

can you tell me what recordings you are referring to. I assume that the format and words of the Mass would be fairly consistent, is it possible that Sister Maria Jesus's songs would have been the same as the nun I listened to, and if so do you know if there is a recording available.

thanks, JohnnieWalker it's appreciated.

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Last Sunday it was a man singing at both Masses in the morning. The singing nun was still there but she didn't sing!
That´s right - they have reinforcements! Yesterday for example there were 5 Masses with the Botafumeiro at every one. There are two organists working in shifts and a bank of 4 or 5 singers.

Best wishes

Stranded in Santiago :)
Just back from a day of extra Masses in different Churches here to cover for clergy trapped in Spain (although not on the Camino). Not sure which smilie fits this!


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I have not been to Santiago since before covid, and something that was mentioned to me recently, made me wonder how many of the traditional rituals are still able to be performed. So - I know...
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You will find the answer at 1030 am in the capella at the pilgrim center Santiago.
Is the Cathedral open at present? I saw somewhere that it was closed for renovations
The pilgrim office have published the reduced visiting hours for the cathedral on Saturday 3 June. This is to accommodate a special mass for the installation of the new archbishop. There will be...
I hope this is allowed. I have 4 extra tickets to the Glory Portico (unguided) at 1045 on 11 June and 4 tickets to the rooftop tour at 2 p.m. on 11 June. I accidentally purchased twice and will...

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