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May Day, Sevilla Cathedral and a credencial...o no?


New Member
1st May is a public holiday. It's also the day on which I wanted to pick up my credencial from the cathedral office in Sevilla and start on my camino. I won't bore you with the reasons why... I've tried to contact the cathedral but to no avail so far. If I present myself at the usual place, the Capellania, at opening time (I believe, 11.00am), am I likely to be successful...on May Day? I can't start earlier or later! Any thoughts?
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Nunca se camina solo
The answer is: you might be successful. That office in the Cathedral is more like a "porters' Lodge" so one of the attendants who will definitely be on duty that day might have responsbility for it. Or it might be closed. I wouldn't expect a reply from the cathedral by e mail etc beforehand.

But you have a few options: Obtain a credencial before you go - for example from or from your local Confraternity.

But if you arrive in Seville and you don't have one why not get your "starting" sellos on a piece of card or paper on which you can draw some squares if you want and then when you get the credencial at an albergue along the way you can insert it.

Otherwise you can we mail or write to the Amigos Office in Seville and they wil send you one or you can collect it from them. Their website has all of the details including their address:

Let us know how you get on!



New Member
Thanks, John.

As I expected...!

I've explored the Amigos route and suspect that their office won't be open in time. I need to get cracking promptly-ish on 1st May and the Amigos don't open until, I believe, the afternoon (assuming of course they are open that day). I've got a letter of intro which should suffice pro tem and will do as you suggest and take a 'bit of paper', I think. Thanks.



Active Member
Last November I got my credential for the VdlP from the tourist office that is situated about 20 metres from the Cathedral, very close to the office in the Cathedral that issues them too. there are several tourist offices in Sevilla but this is the one closest to the Cathedral.I dont know the name of the street that it's on but you cant really miss it.

Hope that helps.

Andrew, Salisbury UK


New Member
Thanks! The question is: will they be open on a public holiday? But that sounds like a much better bet to try an email in bad Spanish than the cathedral. I will write and see...
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Deleted member 3000

The Seville tourist office is a bit vague. From its website:

On national and local holidays, public transport systems run and you will find some museums, monuments, information offices, shopping centres, etc. open. However, these will often have special opening times and/or conditions, given that there may be activities taking place in the area at the same time (fairs, open-air celebrations, religious events, etc.), so you should find out in advance to plan your trip correctly.

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