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April 28-May 14, 2018
Any guidance on carrying medications? A couple of prescriptions - a couple not. Any suggestions/regulations of which I need to be aware?


"When I Have Your Wounded" - Dustoff Motto
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Camino Frances...
Sept. 2017: SJPdP to Burgos
Sept./Oct. 2018: SJPdP to Santiago de Compostela
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SJPDP-Finisterre X 2 - 2016 & 2017, El Norte - Irun to Vilalba 2018
I carried the meds/supplements that I take on a daily basis in tiny individual zip lock bags. It did add weight to do it this way, but so much easier to just grab the day's baggie. And of course as the days went on the weight decreased.

J F Gregory

Portugal Central - October 2019
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Frances (March-April,2016) finished, (October 2019) Portuguese Central Route.
I carried the meds/supplements that I take on a daily basis in tiny individual zip lock bags. It did add weight to do it this way, but so much easier to just grab the day's baggie. And of course as the days went on the weight decreased.
My wife and I travel a lot and I have to take meds morning and night. The individual zip lock bags a great. It takes time to set them up. I always pack a couple days extra just in case. It is important to carry a list of prescriptions for emergency. I found that some prescription meds from the US are sold over the counter in Spain.
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April 28-May 14, 2018
Thank you so much, Fred! My local pharmacy has been great to work with to prepare for the trip - and I'll be sure and get scripts printed too. I appreciate everyone's help.


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When picking up meds at the pharmacy before my walks, I request duplicate copies of the prescription labels (I explain that I'm traveling with a pack on my back..). I place those labels on tiny ziplock bags and that way, I don't have to carry plastic bottles AND I have the correct prescription information with me. Hope this is useful info for you. Buen Camino!
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2015 Frances, 2017 Frances, (2019 ???)
I take some basic meds for my heart. Nothing exotic. I do carry a up to date medication form from my cardioligist so if I have to resupply it looks official, also should there be a problem and I am not conscious the local medical staff will have a blueprint. You may want to have any other pertinent info (allergic to any meds?? problem with any antibiotics family contacts back home etc. etc.) to help facilitate your recovery. I stay in europe for a total of five to six months and when I have had to fill a prescription, and I do, your pill bottle with the instructions on the label will work just fine. The above post regarding plastic bags is very relevant.
Tip: you might want to carry a small supply of OTC pain management pills. I take Naproxen NaCL as oppose to ibuprofen. It has been found to be easier on the liver as it metabolizes. In the US the pills come in 220mg...in Spain the pills I purchased were 500mg. The daily dose is max 1000mg. After that you should contact your doctor and be monitered to see how you tolerate the dosage. Remember to take with food as they can aggravate the stomach lining. A glass of milk will provide a barrier until the compound breaks down. These are not only for pain, but inflamation also. So...if you had to walk more kms than you wanted to taking one before bed can assist your body as it rests. Aleve PM is great to assist in a good nights sleep. Remember, moderation, but don't be a martyr.
Buen Camino.
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2015 Frances, 2017 Frances, (2019 ???)
Oh, one more suggestion. Travel insurance. Allianz is the company I use, I am sure there are others. Date the end of the policy for two to four weeks after your return tickets date. That way if for some reason you would have to stay in a foreign country you will be covered. If you do not have insurance you will need to have a very robust credit card, and if you need special assistance to fly home your credit card should be able to have super hero abilities. My last trip (5mos) cost me 150$+/-. Cheap. This addition will also assist you in a good nights sleep.
Happy trails.
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I take a variety of vitamins at home on a daily basis, but choose not to take that self imposed regimen on my 5-6 week caminos. I mainly bring Ibuprophen or Naproxen for possible aches/pains and a sleep aid.


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Camino Frances
I had my medications blister packed on the advise of my doctor. I do need to take a number of medications and this worked out well for me. The packing is very light, a bit bulky, but of course the bulk reduced as the medication was consumed. I dont normally do that, it cost about $15 extra on top of the prescriptions, but it was very handy on the Camino.


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And remember if you check your backpack keep the prescription medication in the carry-on bag. You don’t want to be left without it if your backpack gets missing/delayed.

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