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"Looking Forward To 6 Weeks in 2019"
Camino(s) past & future
Jul-Aug 2019 Norte Apr. 2018: Oviedo, Santo Toribio, Covadonga, Garabandal May/Jun 2016: Portuguese
Oh, yes, @RumAndChupacabras!
Please start here so we can find out exactly where that chosen moniker comes from!
I know that I am not the only one interested, just one brash enough to ask.:)

Thank you SimplyB for turning a Newbie on to this AMAZING thread! WOW...such fabulous stories!
My Moniker...
My Father and I were on the plane returning from a long overdue trip to visit relatives in Puerto Rico (my Mother had asked me to do this trip with my Father shortly before she passed away, RIP Mom <3 ). I was overly tired when suddenly it struck me that Puerto Rico is famous or infamous for two things...Rum and Chupacabras (of course!). I thought it was kind of funny and cool sounding! That in turn, opened the creative floodgates of my mysterious and unusual mind. I adopted it for my new business name and more.
I look forward to meeting many more of you and learning about YOUR names!
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (SJPdP-Burgos, 2015)
Camino Frances (Burgos-Sarria, 2018)
Sarria-Santiago (Oct. 2018)
Bala was the name we gave our Sealyham puppy when we got her (almost 30 years ago!?!). When I first signed on to the Camino I had no intention of ever posting, but I had to come up with something. So, whatever. I felt really weird at first when I posted, but, now I'm used to it. My "real" name is Jean.

Fun thread!
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (SJPdP-Burgos, 2015)
Camino Frances (Burgos-Sarria, 2018)
Sarria-Santiago (Oct. 2018)
Back when I was living in the U.S. for a while, I was working as Sales & Marketing Manager for a great hotel in Flagstaff. When visitors from New York came to see me during one summer season, they wanted to see some 'real cowboys' so one evening I took them and some staff members out to the 'Cowboy Bar'. T'was a night they happened to be having a country swing dance contest. They had to hold me back. I so love to dance and dance I did. At the end, I was presented with a diploma that had some hilarious script and my name 'Movin Maggie'. I loved it. It fits me well. An added note about one my eastern visitors, a very lively and very pretty young woman with that great NY sense of humour. One of the more popular 'cowboys' came over and asked her to dance. With a bit of hesitation she looked at me and I nodded to the affirmative (because I knew him to be a great dancer) so she accepted. He was well known for his bronco riding, as well as his constant tobacco chewing. He also had spent the day at the annual rodeo had not dusted anything off. Away they went. At the end of the dance, he escorted her back to our table - like a perfect gentleman. After a couple of sips of wine she looked up and said "Geez…..somebody really ought to run that guy through the car-wash………."with his mouth open!" I know this is long, but how I appreciate the memory and hilarity of that evening. Thanks for the indulgence.
Great story!!

Anemone del Camino

Anemone is the name of one of my dogs. Her breeder wanted her named aftet a flower (her dam's registered name was Secret Garden) and other than the Camino and these dogs my other passion is scuba diving .... Hence Anemone, as in the flower but also the beautiful sea anemones from a diving trip in the Red Sea taken 2 months before getting Anemone. Plus it's bilingual, French and English, and if you change the last E for an A it works in Spanish as well. Del Camino froms the town outside of Leon, Virgen del Camino, since this post is about the Camino.
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Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016). Seville-Astorga (Mar 2017). Mozarabe (Apr-May 2018)
@Anemone del Camino - I have long wondered about your name. Thanks for the story.

My name is something that has evolved in a play on words using my name. It also reflects my reputation in the last years of my career as someone who zeroes in and clarifies things. Actually a new word was invented to indicate whether a person or document had been "clarifried".

David L. Lewis

I guess I'm just a boring guy, LOL, Just using my name, which is a common name , probably a million of us with the same one .
Camino(s) past & future
(1983 - 1985-1990-1995-1999-2003-2008-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017) CF, etc.
EL Guapo from the movie The Three Amigos. Guapo I am not. Nicknames are earned and are hard to shake off sometimes. This was given to me on an op many moons ago by some brothers . Close encounters with Bruins like this one happen when you least expect it sometimes, but he is Guapo for sure. This forum is great,great work everybody.
EL Guapo no mucho


Camino(s) past & future
Camino Francés(2007&2008), Finesterre&Muxía(5times), Portugués(2009), Aragonés(2008), Primitivo(2011), Vasco del interiór(2012), Inglés(2009), Via de la Plata(2013&2015), Sanabrés(2013), Del Norte(2013), San Salvador(2015) and Inverno(2015).
Camino Baztan and Le Puy in the future.
Got my camino-name while walking Via de la Plata from Seville. Every morning I was wearing my Helly-Hansen fleece with the letters HH.
I walk in a fast pace, and was often one of the lasts to leave the albergue og one of the firsts to arrive to the next, so passing the others on the camino, my fellowpilgrims gave me the name: Hurricane-Hanne.
Camino(s) past & future
Francés ('14/'15)
St Olav/Francés ('16)
Baztanés/Francés ('17)
Ingles ('18)
And now your photo makes it more obvious that that's Durham in the USA and not Durham in England...well, we knew that already from the sidebar but it's a great pic, DP!
See you on the road again, perhaps?


Un Cerveza, Por Favor
Camino(s) past & future
Caminho Portuguese 2012 & 2018
Camino Frances 2014, 2015, 2015, 2017, 2018
And now your photo makes it more obvious that that's Durham in the USA and not Durham in England...well, we knew that already from the sidebar but it's a great pic, DP!
See you on the road again, perhaps?
Thanks. I certainly hope we do get to meet on the road again some day. I recall those few moments we were able to share in Santiago with great pleasure.

Durham Parish, here in Maryland, is in the Washington Diocese of the Episcopal Church of the US. Now in England, the Diocese of Durham has a Washington Parish. This was the location of the ancestral home of George Washington, and they have a service there each year on the Fourth of July. One year our Rector had the honor of delivering the message there at the service.


Pilgrim since 2008
Camino(s) past & future
CF 2008 09 14
Del Norte 2011. Portuguese 2015, 2017Ingles 2015 Fisterre 2015.
Forum names always fascinate me and make me wonder about the person behind the name.

"FranksWildYears" is intriguing. Are you a young man who is taking time out from studying to have a wild time? Or have you given up the corporate world to bum around Europe? Are you an old man who has retired and is only now having a wild time? If your name is Jeff, why is your forum name Frank?

Sagalout: No need to wonder - this from the Telegraph:
More and more old people are becoming problem drinkers, according to the Scottish psychiatrist Dr Peter Rice. He wants us to take this phenomenon seriously.
Unfortunately, he has come up with such a glorious name for these boozy pensioners - "Saga louts" - that it is almost impossible to keep a straight face. Saga louts congregate in gangs, sometimes disguised as "wine clubs". The men, in particular, adopt a dress code as inflexible as those of their grandchildren: blazer with gold buttons, cravat, pocket handkerchief folded just so. And they have their own lingo: "What's your poison?", "Don't mind if I do", etc.
But they present no threat to public safety - unless, that is, you find yourself trapped in one of their gatherings, in which case you face the very real danger of being bored to death by a golfing anecdote."

RuralVic: Are you a rural vicar? A member of the Old Vic - or similar in a rural area?

Falcon269: Why 269? Falcon is a great name - were you born in Feb '69?

Redkite: Oooh... this one fires the imagination! Its a magnificent bird of prey but it always makes me think of those wonderful, spiritual, Indian mantras.

Omar504: Exotic - Omar Sharif, Omar Khayyam .. could be a radio station!

MeramidLilli: Just has to be a gentle, kind soul behind that name!

Crackmrmac: Crack Mr Mac?? Why? His name is Brian. What does the name mean?

Aussieredhat: What fun! An Aussie in a red hat!

(Mine is really boring - no mystery there. My name is Silvia. Most people call me Sil or Silly and my husband calls me Sil or Silly, or doll or Silly-doll. Seemed obvious for an email address.)
Simply the Latin name (real name James) on my first compostella in 2008. The others have Jacobum but I signed on to the forum prior to my second Camino...I'm in crisis! Jacobus vs Jacobum, forus vs forum????
Forum logins "names" are always a challenge for me, generating a deer in the headlights feeling that stifles creativity. So I used the old French/heraldic term for a scallop shell as my name. We have three on our family arms ( gules escalops) so it seemed to be the most appropriate for this board and provided an avatar at same time.


Pilgrim since 2008
Camino(s) past & future
CF 2008 09 14
Del Norte 2011. Portuguese 2015, 2017Ingles 2015 Fisterre 2015.
You could have been Iakob, Iakobos, Yaakov, Yakob, Jacques, Giacomo, Giacobo, Jacome, Jaime, Iago, Tiago, Diego and a few more (including Hamish!)


Veteran Member
Camino(s) past & future
2004 St Jean - Santiago, 2008 &18 Seville - Finesterre, 2010 Ferrol - Lisbon, 2012 from Cartehenga.
No, a HELL of an engineer!!
Over the years I've got used to people misusing my name. My initials are HELL but my name only has one L. I get a bit peeved when people call me Helen and point out that my face hasn't launched any ships - the Nordic goddess Hel with her face half young / half old is probably a better reflection of me these days.
Camino(s) past & future
There are many different Pilgrim Routes and Caminos in life.
My name on the forum is Fam for family and Ped for the first three letters in my family name. (Some of you know my first name, but I like to keep it private, and just use it in PM or when we meet in person. ;))

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