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Monte de Gozo complex "desolate"

An article in today's Voz de Galicia highlights the "desolate aspect" of the Monte Gozo complex. Although the jacobean associations and others objected to it strongly at the time, considering it a desecration of an historic site, it was constructed in 1992 at a cost of €33 million. It was originally intended that after the 1993 holy year, apart from an albergue for pilgrims, it would be used as student accommodation, a venue for summer outdoor activities and for concerts. "Practically none of this has been realised 13 years after its inauguration." Although it was used as student accommodation, albeit at the cheapest end, the university has now stopped using it, considering it sub-standard. There have only been three concerts since 1993, and the auditorium is now covered in weeds. "The camping is half-empty in summer and closed in winter, and the lake is used only by seagulls." ... TO=5153632

I expect I'm not the only one who thinks the whole eyesore should be demolished and converted back into a green space where pilgrims can rest before the final stage into Santiago.
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Monte de Gozo

It is a real eye sore but it would be such a waste to demolish it altogether.
Perhaps some of the facilities could be converted to provide low cost housing for poor people and families?
Some could be utilised for teaching skills or as low rent craft shops?
The air up there is better than down in the city - some could be used for a hospice.
What about a subsidised community home for people with disabilities?
A retreat for people dying of aids?
An SPCA shelter?
I think the possibilities are endless.

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