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More on Sigueiro

A revamp of the main Camino Real in Sigueiro, part of the route of the Camino Ingles, was officially opened yesterday (reports in the Correo and the Voz). According to the Voz, it is now in perfect condition for the passage of pilgrims. The mayor, our friend Manuel Miras, stated that the commune was looking to acquire land for a new albergue, and the Xunta's representative expressed his support for that. So it looks like nothing much has happened since the last time those two bodies agreed to open an albergue in Sigueiro. :-(


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I'll be walking the Camino Ingles in late August, and I'll report back on what I find. The Voz article describes improvements located in the town of Sigueiro itself, so I'm not planning on seeing improvement in waymarking -- though they did spend 300,000 euro! The paper describes the improvements as consisting of a paved path, a fenced in rest area, parking lots and sidewalks. Not sure how some of those things qualify as pilgrim amenities, but oh well. I wonder why public officials so frequently view paving as an improvement for pilgrims -- maybe they just haven't walked themselves. But you'd think that we could somehow get the word out that there are surfaces other than dirt/mud and asphalt/concrete that are so much kinder to pilgrim feet.



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Peter - there also seems to be some controversy over the availability of fincas due to developments being blamed on the expansion of facilities for the Camino Ingles. In several villages I noticed signs calling people to public meetings to protest.


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I hiked the Camino Ingles September 20-25,2008. It was delightful. Accommodations were not entirely as planned. In Betanzos,the hotels most commonly listed in the CSJ materials and the posts were no longer open. We did find a new,clean Hotel Garelos, Alfonso IX,8 that was centrally located and which charged 70 euros for 2. In Hospital de Bruma the refugio was beautiful, clean and the staff very helpful. In Seguieros, there was no room in the inn at all, completely booked. We took a bus into Santiago, stayed in a divey little hotel on Pombal, took the bus back the next morning, and hiked into Santiago. We were determined to hike every cm...The countyside was beautiful, the crops were ready to harvest; the town of Poulos on the Camino was having a feria for Nuestra Senora de Mercedes, a couple of weeks after the date it is celebrated elsewhere in Spain, but delightful. The whole event was a life-affirming adventure for a couple of 63 y/o geezers. Doug from Phoenix
more on this seemingly interminable project in the local press today (glaciers move faster) Correo Voz
The Concello has now granted the land for the new albergue to the Xunta. According to the alcalde, the project "is practically finished and we hope it will be ready shortly". As they haven't even started building the thing yet, this seems a trifle optimistic. The land is next to the swimming pool, and those who have been on this route recently may recognise the current structure from the photo in the Voz's report. Presumably, this will be replaced by the new albergue.


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In the paper today (La Voz) I saw that a piece of land has now been given to build the albergue. It should be ready "some time next year". :?




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