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Mosquitoes, flies and other pests


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I have not been successful in finding info regarding "annoying pests" on the Portugues route in July....of course the sort of pests I refer to have many legs and /or wings !!
[But I guess there are many other "pests" that can be found on the various Caminos :wink: ] What type of repelent is best? Are hat nets needed?
Cheers :)
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Re: mosquitoes/flies/other pests

Hola - I am very allergic to insect bites and stings and several times in my life I've had to be treated for anaphylaxis. I've been around Spain a lot including the Camino Portugues and the most that I've encountered are mosquitos. You will see wasps and bees along the paths particularly where there is a lot of flora. I simply use proprietary insect repellant and it works fine for me. Bedbugs are a different matter as for me a number of bites would end my camino. There is a lot of information on the forum on protection against them. Most reports of problems with bedbugs have been on the Camino Frances. See: search.php?keywords=permethrin

In other climes I've used mosquito netting. I've never found this necessary in Spain.

Please be reassured that pilgrims do not seem to find mosquitos, flies or other pests (apart from bedbugs in some albergues) a major problem.


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