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Mucho Deniro?


Hello People :D

Could anybody who has walked the Camino please give me a rough idea of the very minimum amount of money needed to survive each day while out there?
I leave on saturday and now that the time is close I am starting to fret even though I knew ages ago I`d be cutting things fine!!
What would be my biggest expense, food? or accomodation if I use it as I`m still hoping to camp out.

Thanks very much



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Hmm... Depends really. The refuges tend to be more expensive at the beginning, I've found. Some are about €7 a night then you can get a pilgrim menu of three courses for about €8 plus the cost of lunch or water or beer or whatever else you want to spend money on.

Toward the latter half I'd say refuges are nearer the €3 mark... So maybe €20 - 25??? Dunno... Never really thought about it.

Beware of carrying large amounts of cash though as last year there were isolated incidents of people having the odd tenner nicked from their wallet... But as I say, isolated instances.

So I type all that out and Ivar has the key in one easy link!!! :lol: :lol:


Thanks very much to the both of you, much appreciated and now realise just how low my budget is :shock:

peace and light


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el cheapo


I am new to this myself but most intelligent responses to your question (cost?) tend to land in this ballpark: 1 Euro/kilometer. This is handy as you can fine tune it to what exactly you plan to walk. Keep in mind everyone has a different idea of luxury and necessity and you should be alright; at least thats what I am counting on! For instance, SJPP to Santiao is 780K, so thats 780 (lets call it 800) Euro or just over $1000. If you walk 20-25K/day then thats.... Buen Camino! VP


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So if im walking 800km that means that i will spend £800 at least. Ive been told that i can do it for £100 walking for 5 weeks, starting from St james as i am starting.


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Firstly, it's pretty silly to focus on surviving for 5 weeks on such a tiny amount such as £100 - there is some charity along the way (such as refuges that accept donations) but most refuges charge between say 3 and 8 euros a night - to which you'll need to add some food - relying on free water and supermarket or the pilgrim menu would run to between 4 and 8 euros a day

So on my rough estimates you'd be looking at between 245-560 euros (£170-390) - the oft-quoted 1 euro per kilometre ignores how much you walk each day and there is a wide variety in the speed at which people walk

The Camino shouldn't be viewed solely as a cheap holiday - and it certainly would be crazy for instance to camp out (in the snow) or not have enough money for basic food - if you have only £100 then you should focus on taking less time and not starting from SJPP but say Burgos or even Leon


So much to think about here!!

I must add this... I am most definately not looking at this as some kind of cheap holiday thats for sure...

I am tryining to find something that I have over the years pushed deep inside and I`m struggling to get back.

When I booked my flight I did not realise, by half, how much I would spend on boots, backpack etc etc and now I find myself extremely short of money and if I`m lucky I should have about 120 Euro a week.

I`m trying to rely on Faith but it`s hard when it has been gone for so very long and knowing the line between faith and my being stupid here is hard!

Still I fly to Bilbao in the morning and may now decide to start from Pamplona instead but will decide when I arrive in Spain.

Many thanks


Maggie Ramsay
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You could perhaps do a week from where you wanted to start, see how much it is costing you and then work out if you need to adjust your pilgrimage by, if necessary, taking a bus to cut out a section to leave yourself enough money to live on to finish in Santiago. You only need to do the last 100 km to earn your compostela, everything else is a bonus. Because everyone is different you might need to experiment a bit to see how little you can manage on.


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Yes, but what about camping?

I too, have been wondering about camping. The only response that mentions it suggests not to do it in the snow. But what about walking off the trail here and there and discreetly bedding down for the night? Is it, done often? easy? safe? legal? Does anyone have experience of this?


Whatever happens, remember ATM rules, the Caminos are no exception. You'll find them along towns/cities, etc. Buen Camino, xm 8)


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