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Live - Camino Francés Municipal albergues allowing large group to reserve 😡

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The CF is changing faster than our expectations....Adapt and overcome... or walk the shoulder seasons
alhartman, post #99...I like your post the best. We can all complain about how things were or how they should be which is the majority of this thread. Commiserating does serve the short term purpose of venting frustration but in this case it's not going to fix the root problem of larger numbers doing the Camino. Greater numbers leads to more pre-booking of bed reservations resulting in fewer beds being available at 2pm in ALL facilities.

I like the idea of the shoulder seasons, for the Camino or the U.S. National Parks or any other hugely popular destination where over crowding diminishes the experience. However, even now those shoulder seasons are getting compressed too.


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I think that the people who manage the albergue should be able to decide their own policies concerning the rules about who stays, not some passing pilgrim.
The many passing pilgrims need to have some idea where they can stay, or could be obliged to sleep rough or compete for limited alternate accommodation when anticipated beds are not available. As I see it, this is the issue here, that a particular albergue is being presented on a a web site used by pilgrims, Gronze.com, as not available for pre-booking. This is inaccurate and should be corrected before the crowds of the 2021 Holy Year arrive. On the other hand, I do not see that to be obliged to stay in an overflow albergue is a huge issue; pilgrims should be grateful to have a bed.

David Tallan

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I've seen signs in dorm rooms that said it is against Spanish law for minors to sleep in dormitories. I know it happens that minors sleep in them, but no school group would be able to book a dorm where children and strangers mix.
Interesting. I think I've heard of that law, too, although I've never seen it displayed or enforced on the Camino. For the first half of our Camino in 2016 my son was a minor and we were never told he wasn't allowed in a dormitory and I've read plenty of accounts (and watched videos) of numerous families walking the Camino with children who slept in dorms (along with their parents) without ever coming across this law. I wonder if there is an exception in the law for minors accompanied by parents?


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I have refrained from saying anything until now as it is so subjective.... depending on how you feel at the time, how tired etc....
I understand Trecile’s reaction. It happened to me in Pereje, albergue municipal, no reservations.
When I arrived that year, only 2 beds were taken but we were told all the rest were reserved!!! What??? I was tired, I couldn’t find the hospitalero to ask what was going on.... Yes, I am sorry to say, I was angry. (Shameful look).
To cut a long story short, turns out there was a pilgrim in a wheel-chair expected and he had a large ‘entourage’ so all the beds were kept for them. They arrived very late, well after we’d had dinner in the bar opposite.
In the end, we were put in the ‘over-flow’ upstairs, that I never knew existed, in the attic, on mattresses. The kitchen was just underneath and pilgrims were happily cooking a meal (all the smells going up! 😳).
Just to say: that night is now is one of my best memories 😁
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