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My Meeting with Ivar

Past OR future Camino
First one in 1977 by train. Many since then by foot. Next one ASAP.
My strange 2021 CF was over. It had been a tough one due to the fact that I'd broken my left ankle waaaaay back in Burgos, and then kept on walking waaaaay longer than I should have. (Not smart!) However, the frustrating walk ended on a very high, happy note!

Upon reaching SdeC (by bus) I dropped by Casa Ivar on a whim, without any appointment, hoping to meet the famous Ivar. I found the place easily: it was literally just a few steps away from my excellent Plaza de Mazarelos hostal. But there was a sign posted saying "Not at home."



So I hobbled on.

And then, just minutes later, I turned onto the Rua Nova and chanced to see a gentleman adjusting his mascarilla. His face was visible and I immediately knew that it was the Forum founder! I rushed over. "Excuse me, sir," I said in Spanish. "Are you El Senor Ivar?" Clearly surprised, he said that he was. I shook his hand and enthusiastically thanked him for the years of Camino pleasure that he had given me.

But Ivar was there with his wife and a small child in a stroller, and I didn't want to invade their privacy. So, handing my phone to his wife I had her take a quick snapshot of Ivar and me together, and then I moved on.... A memorable moment.

Thank you once more, Ivar. And may God bless you for all that you have done for so many people over the years.

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Past OR future Camino
Le Puy to Santiago via the Frances 2012-2013. EPW2015
Aragonese & Frances 2016
Burgos to Muxia 2017
Is that a little street market going on behind you?
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Camino Chrissy

Take one step forward...then keep on walking..
Past OR future Camino
Frances 2015;
Norte/Primitivo 2016;
Frances 2017;
Le Puy 2018;
Portuguese/FishermanTr. 2019
Wow, a broken foot! I hope it is healing well, rev!
I met Ivar at the end of my last camino in May of 2019 and he showed me his computer used on the forum. I wish you would have both removed your masks, but still a nice photo!

El Cascayal

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Past OR future Camino
OUCH 🤕! Hope you are healing well and able to 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️very soon!🙏🙏
The reflection in the Casa Ivar pic had me LMAO, I have the same iPhone cover, a knock-off, not frequently seen in a grown up. PS: it has never been my goal to grow up, whatever that means. 🤔😉


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Past OR future Camino
2016 Sjpp to Sdc. 2018 Lisbon to Sdc to Finisterre. Next up hopefully VDP or Del Norte.
My strange 2021 CF was over. It had been a tough one due to the fact that I'd broken my left ankle waaaaay back in Burgos, and then kept on walking waaaaay longer than I should have. (Not smart!) However, the frustrating walk ended on a very high, happy note!

Thank you for your post.

I'm sure Ivar was happy to meet you. 🙂

Of course, we all know Ivar through his videos, but he doesn't know us so I'm guessing he won't be able to walk around Santiago de Compostela incognito any more! Ah - the price of fame Ivar!! :cool:

But seriously, your and your forum and shop etc have helped so many of us that you deserve to be thanked by all of us at some time or other.

To the Rev. Rappahannock - That is some feat walking on a broken ankle and it is also very unfortunate that you broke it on your Camino.

I hope you will see a good doctor after you return home and get your bones checked for Osteoporosis which can be a very silent disease often striking suddenly when you have no symptoms until something breaks due to a trip or fall.

For me, the first warning of my osteoporosis was when I broke a toe trying to put on a slipper onto my foot so as to take a beautiful little poodle that we had outside urgently to do widdles. I now have a treatment regime to try to prevent my osteoporosis worsening but the most important medical advice was a very stern warning - "Don't have a trip or fall!" :oops:

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