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I always like to read what other people pack because everyone is different and things that are important to one person are completely irrelevant to another. I marvel at how much some people spend and I also I enjoy reading about how much some people know about the latest Camino gear.
So here is my packing list. I can't remember who made most of my stuff. But I have had alot of it for a really long time. In the fall I will do camino 7.
My packing list: If I can remember all of it for my next camino in October from Lisbon.
My pack is REI either 36 or 40 liters
2 quick dry shirts, one long sleeve, one short sleeve,
One Zip Off pair of pants, one pair of shorts that were zip off pants but I lost the pants part
One pair of long johns, One Synthetic or Merino long sleeve top (I am not sure what it is made of but it is quick dry)
2 pairs of underwear quick dry
3 pairs of socks and two pairs of those socks that go under your socks to help absorb the sweat.
One really lightweight but really warm REI down jacket
My little smoochie pillow because the pillows in the albergues suck.
Brooks Cascadias Trail Runners, Walked close to 6,000k of Caminos and have only 5 total blisters using Cascadias.
One pair of Toms slip ons. This will be this pairs 4th Camino. Wear them at night, and when I had two of those 5 blisters wore them part of the day. If it isn't rocky I can go about 10 k without a problem in these.
One stocking cap (Not sure when I will start in October but will finish in November.
One pair of gloves
One buff
One sleep sack. Rolling the dice that I will not need a sleeping bag. Can always sleep in clothes
One Altus Poncho
One pair of ripped rain pants. Can't see the rip because poncho covers it.
Outdoor Research Sun Runner hat. Easy to wash dunk it in water and put it on your head on hot days and covers your face ears and neck from the sun.
About 15 little zip lock bags
Toilet stuff
Baby wipes in one of the zip lock bags
One bar of soap to wash me and my clothes
12 clothes pins
one jar with Ibuprofen, pepcid complete and prevacid for my tummy, As my daughters remind me constantly, you gave us a jewish stomach and everything makes us fart or burp.
about 5 pairs of ear plugs,
Needle and thread, neosporin and band aides in case i cut myself or get a blister. If I need anything more elaborate just walk into a pharmacy.
when i get there i buy a knock off Swiss army knife for about 6 or 7 Euros, works fine for me. I will also buy the cheapest pair of hiking poles and tips usually for around 15-20 Euros tops because I don't want to check my pack or anything else at the airport.
One Liter water bottle
My smart phone to call my wife because if I don't call her everyday she will kick my ass.
A charger
Also to check gronze and Buen Camino app for open/closed albergues as I usually walk later in the year and now with covid.
One pair of headphones that have a speaker. It makes it easier for my wife or kids to hear me.
I get a new sim card in spain or portugal.
A money belt
I think that is about everything.
How much do I spend?
This backpack is new. It was about $70 on sale at REI closeout.
I will get a new pair of Cascadias. The last pair I bought for the VDLP last October was $115.
About $30 Euros for the poles, tips and knife.
Everything else I have had for at least the last 3 caminos and some stuff since the beginning.
How much does it weigh, not that much.
You can buy really quality stuff if you just look around at different websites and buy the close out stuff. The colors and shapes may not be the best, something might be a little bigger than you would like but hey it's the camino who cares.
I am sure I might have missed something but I can't think of what.
I had to edit the post because I remembered one last thing.
I separate everything into 4 or 5 little mesh ironing bags. I can see through them. One has my clothes and sleep sack that I will wear that night after i shower, one has the heaver clothes, one has the toilet stuff and washing stuff and ear plugs etc, one has the rain stuff and other miscellaneous items. One extra in case .
ONE MORE EDIT I forgot my quick dry towel!
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As my daughters remind me constantly, you gave us a jewish stomach and everything makes us fart or burp.

There were several things in your post that made me smile but this might have been my favorite

Great list, thank you for sharing. Definitely on the same page as you about making space in my pack for tummy meds - Team Pepcid all the way!

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