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Name on Credential and Tent


New Member
Hi all!

I was wondering if it's necessary to use my legal name when registering for the credential pass, or if I can use the name I'm generally called?

Also, I read loads of posts about camping and it seems controversial, so I was wondering if anyone who recently walked the Camino knows what the status is for a one person tiny tent. Is this an option? I have read so many terrors about bed-bugs so I was thinking this might be a better way to sleep?

So excited to embark on this journey mid-September!
Buen Camino!


Nunca se camina solo

I take it you mean a different first name from that on your passport? If so there won't be a problem in my experience.

As far as the tent is concerned some pilgrims do carry tents but often regret the extra weight this involves - also official campsites are few and far between in Spain. Take simple precautions and you won't be bothered by bed bugs.


Stephen Nicholls

Steve Nicholls, Suffolk, U.K.
Camino(s) past & future
Too many caminos to list in the permitted 100 characters!!
It's usually the name on your credencia that will be written on your final certificate. I would just use the name you want to appear there - presumably the one you're known by.
Good luck and ...
Buen camino!

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I am in the same situation as yourself, and on both occasions I have used the name which everyone knows me by (except my mother!) with no problem. The name on your credential is up to you, and that is the name written on your compostela.
Re camping, very few people do this, and refugios actively discourage it. How are you going to have a shower or cook food etc. Personally I think the advantages of camping (weight of gear etc) are outweighed by the convenience of the refugios. Many people are concerned by bedbugs and I have been bitten on several occasions at various refugios. Although a nuisancefrom irritation, I did not suffer any bad reaction, but if you have reactions from insect bites at home (mosquitos for example), take precautions such using a spray and ointments. The farmacias on the Camino are experts on this problem and are able to give good advice and recommend and supply treatments. I suggest that it is better not to take sprays etc from home but wait until you can talk to the experts (ie pharmacists) on the Camino.
Above all else, do not stress, the Camino is just a walk.


New Member
I am significantly touched by all of your informative replies. I will not bring the tent, then. In truth I want to have the lightest pack possible! So it's a relief in some ways that it's encouraged to go without.

I will use the name I'm known as! That makes me feel better, too. As I see this more as a journey for myself and not legalities!

Thanks again to everyone.
Buen Camino!


Nunca se camina solo
Hi - albergues and hotels do record your legal passport details. In the Pilgrims' Office in Santiagio we only every ask for identification if we can't read the person's writing on their credencial!

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