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I’m in Villafranca de Los Barros and am feeling uninspired. The terrain has been the same for days and these towns have been sleepy. Please, I’m not complaining, I’m just reporting how I feel. I don’t want to continue walking just to walk. I am considering catching a bus or taxi to another town tomorrow as tomorrows walk is too long anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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Robin, I agree it's not the most inspiring stretch. I had a similar experience, feeling very low at Torremejia and ready to chuck it all in. But everything changed at Merida when I met some lovely pilgrims and it turned out brilliantly after that. So I'd say, get on a bus to Merida and hang around there for a couple of days, do the tour of the Roman ruins and look out for nice pilgrims. If you find one/some then latch onto them and don't let them go on without you!
Also a couple of days after Merida you reach Alcuescar. I don't know if its changed now, but we stayed at the Casa de Acogida de los Esclavos de María y de los Pobres - or as it was known then the 'Hospital for Handicapped Men', where the sisters gave us a tour of the hospital and we met volunteers from the village who were dedicated to looking after some very disabled people. I found it profound and humbling.
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Thank you so much Tom. So it’s not only me. I’ve decided to catch a bus to Cáceres and re-evaluate from there.
If you can, get off in Merida. There is so much to see there.
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I am one of those people who will ‘walk the whole way’ no matter what 🤣😂🤣 - but was forced to catch the bus from Villafranca to Mérida due to accommodation difficulties.
It was perfect. I had two days in Mérida. Slept, ate, rested, walked the park around the Milagros Aqueduct, viewed some of the other Roman ruins - which are pretty amazing - and really got set up for the rest of my Camino.
I stayed at Hostel Los Milagros near the aqueduct and park.

PS. Cáceres was one of my favourite places. I recommend spending time there too.
Actually after waking up this morning, I’ve decided to get off the bus in Merida. I’ve had a lot of feedback about this area and now I’m curious.
An excellent decision. We were taking a rest day in Mérida, our hotel room wasn’t ready so we went for a stroll in search of coffee. We stumbled on at least two super Roman ruins before we found our coffee. An amazing place.
I'd just keep walking. It's only a couple of days and when you look back you'll be glad to have walked the whole journey. There are some less than interesting days I agree but keep at it
My life journey also has some pretty ordinary and uninteresting periods. I sometimes feel like skipping over them and jumping to a more exciting part.
I hope this doesn't offend anyone - that's certainly not my intention. But on what is called in the English speaking world 'Palm Sunday', and after listening to today's sermon, I'm inclined to accept the challenge of being the donkey in the tale .....
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I have previously walked the whole of the VdlP and am heading back in ten days or so to view some of the locations that I missed or saw only superficially on my last time through. I hope that this will work for me, but I don't know whether I would want to do this without having experienced the shape of the VdlP as a whole. How you experience it may depend on your sense of the continuity of your walk/pilgrimage. I plan on walking straight through from Merida with extra days there and in Zamora. Buen camino, whatever you decide.

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